6 Things you need to know about stainless steel vape wire

The things you need to know before try stainless steel vape wire


1.What is stainless steel vape wire?

Stainless steel vape wire is the most superior coil building material, simply because it allows you to vape in standard wattage mode and temp control, giving you the best of both worlds. Using other types of regular wire such as Kanthal a1 only provides one specific characteristic of vaping.

Stainless steel itself is an alloy made mainly of chromium, carbon and nickel compounds. Usually, you will find different grades of stainless steel wire to suit your different needs. In vaping, I would always recommend that you use 316 rated wire as it is safe to vape as it is classified as food grade, medical and pharmaceutical.

I have noticed a coil build with vape wire stainless steel is a great choice if you want to switch between temperature control mode and variable wattage mode frequently, as it provides great convenience. If finds it saves you the time having to build and install separate coil for a unique mode into your rebuildable style tank.

2.Types of vape wire stainless steel difference and wire gauge?

Now the biggest questions are the different types of grades and sizes that are available when purchasing stainless steel wire from your first time vape. Starting off with stainless steel grade 304, it has a minimum of 18% nickel, with a mixture of 0.08% carbon, commonly used in your pans and cookery tools found in your kitchen.

Now, stainless steel 304 grade has similar properties, however, it is less prone to corrosion. I personally have experienced that purchasing 316 rated grade stainless steel wire is more widely available from most ecig vendors in more gauges. There is also stainless-steel grade 317L, which has a lower carbon version of the others mentioned.

Overall, between the different variations of the grades, I would say there is not much difference. However, I did find that using 317L grade stainless steel wire to build my own coils were performed slightly better in temperature control, but it was not that noticeable at all against the other grades.

317L stainless steel wire also has a lower resistance compared to 316 rated wire. Factors such as which mod you are using also make a significant impact, as certain mods work only best with certain grades of stainless steel wire.

See the specifications of the vape mod that you are thinking about using to find specifics on this. Overall, all different grades that have been mentioned are considered safe to vape on, so you have nothing to worry about.

3.Stainless steel wire vape vs kanthal A1 wire

Stainless steel vape wire and regular Kanthal wire may look the same, but in terms of their user ability, they are totally different to each other. I find that stainless steel is much easier to work with, you can bend the coils into shape much more easily, as it requires less effort to create wraps.316l wire

You can use your hands to bend the wire and you don’t always necessarily need pillars to help you. It also holds the shape very well, I noticed that when installing this type of coil, the core didn’t get obstructed at all and always retained its original shape.

One thing that I have noticed with Kanthal wire is you must adjust the coil again with tweezers, even if you have made it perfectly before. Ramp up time is also far more significant, press the fire button on a stainless-steel coil and you will get an immediate response. Kanthal although cheaper, there is a short delay in ramp up at the start of the vape, but most novice vapors would not notice these small imperfections.

4.Nichrome 80 vs Stainless Steel Wire :

Nichrome is an alloy with a corrosion resistance the common combination to construct the actual wire is using 80% nickel and 20% chromium. Therefore, you might see vaping vendors list the wire as nichrome 80. If you have Nickel allergies you might want to avoid using Nichrome wire altogether.

Nichrome wire is very like regular Kanthal wire, it has a low resistance and heats up very fast. However, I noticed that stainless steels heat up slightly quicker and the building material is less prone to getting damaged when dry burning the coils. I find that the main advantage you gain from using a stainless-steel coil over a nichrome is you get the suppleness to vape in TC and VW modes.

Temperature control allows the vape mod to automatically detect when the coil rises heat and if the coil becomes too hot, it will reduce it to prevent the cotton burning out. So, you will notice that your stainless-steel coils will last longer if used in TC mode.

5.Is Stainless Steel Safe For Vaping?

When I first discovered stainless steel vaping wire can be used for vaping, along with the benefits over regular Kanthal wire, my main concern was if it’s safety levels. When shopping for stainless steel wire, you need to ensure that is rated as medical grade.

Other wire types may contain impurities of steel wire or other harmful coatings that can potentially be harmful when vaped. Stainless steel wire that is rated 304, 316L and 317L are recommended for vaping. I would not recommend using any other grades that have not been mentioned in this blog post.

6.Stainless Steel 316l Wire Benefits And Disadvantages:

My personal favorite all-rounder is stainless Steel Wire 316L. I like it over the other wire grades, as it is easily available in more different sizes and cheaper than other grades sold on the market.

I find that SS316 wire is provided great functionality in both normal wattage power mode and temperature control, as you are not just restricted to using one or the other.

Cleaner taste and easier to wrap,Able to use in VW and TC mode with pretty colors when you dry fire etc makes stainless steel wire become one of the most popular vape wire for coil building.

Also the 316L has lower carbon levels of 316 steel which is usually referred to as marine grade steel or surgical level. Stainless steel 316L rated wire also has very low resistance, it’s easy to work with when building coils free handed and is very durable.

A coil made from this superior building material can last up to 2 months, all you that is required is to regularly rewick if you get any dry hits. Apart, from that, any stainless-steel wire that is medical grade would work perfectly fine.

In comparison to using Kanthal wire, stainless steel 316L coil quicker heat up time and provides a cleaner pure taste. also lower resistance than kanthal, and it help you get a better flavour from stainless steel 316L vape wire,but it will cause you to build bigger coils than you’d expect, so always keep this in mind on a tank.

also stainless steel vape wire probably about the same as nichrome vape wire in longevity.

Once your stainless steel coil is finished built, it is important to lock your resistance on your vape mods while the coil is at room temperature. i am not sure if all temp control mod whether support of this.

Once everything is set to my liking, the overall vaping experience with is stainless steel wire is quite nice. I can actually enjoy vaping with bigger clouds since I’m not choking on super hot liquid, and the flavor never burns.

The average life span of my stainless steel coils are about 2-3 weeks, but really it depends on the juice you use. so i will definitely recommend you to trying out coil building with stainless steel 316L wire since I have used every kind of wire known to man and it is the best flavor out of any I’ve used.

As for any disadvantages, there aren’t really any apart from some stainless steel wire could contain a possibility of a small amount of Nickel content. This can be avoided if you purchase stainless steel wire from a reputable vaping vendor that sells medical graded products.

You also might have trouble finding stainless steel wire at your local vaping store. This is simply because most stores stock Kanthal wire as it is currently having more popularity, as its far cheaper to obtain than other types of wires.

Vaping is all about personal preference, some prefer stainless steel and some may consider Kanthal. Overall, I would recommend that you try out stainless steel wire for your next coil build, especially if you have never used temperature control mode before.

What is the best stainless steel vape wire for coil building -Buys Guide :

Start to building your own coil is not only a sign of being vaping mastery, also it will help you much save money on vaping. Since Stainless steel wire is one of the most popular vape wire for coil building, before you start making own coils and looking to buy a roll of wire, it is important to know which one types of stainless steel vape wire is works best for you.

To help you choose the right stainless steel coil build wire for you, we’ve been put together our list of the recommend stainless steel wire for coil building in buy’s guides .

1TEMCo Stainless Steel WireTEMCo Stainless Steel Wire SS 316L – 24 Gauge 100 FT Non-Resistance AWG ga9.8$6.35
2Stainless Steel 316LSS 316L – 100 ft. 28 Gauge AWG Stainless Steel Resistance Wire 0.32 mm 28g 100’  by Master Wire Supply9.5$5.49
3TEMCo Stainless Steel WireTEMCo Stainless Steel Wire SS 316L – 26 Gauge 100 FT Non-Resistance AWG ga9.5$5.95
4Stainless Steel 316L WireStainless Steel 316L Round Wird-lightningvapes9.2$6.25
5 ss 316l vape wireAuthentic UD Kanthal A1 Heating Wire for Rebuildable Atomizers9.3$1.40


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