Smoant Taggerz Kit 200w Review

A lightweight 200w starter kit with reasonable price


Smoant sent me the newest Taggerz 200w Kit for purposes of make a review, Since i have been using it for over a month.

Since before they have released a number of popular mod/tank kits like charon tc 218w, but this one is a little different from their normal products. Rather than their usual alloy mods such as the Naboo mod and Charon mini mod that come with a sub-ohm tank.

The Taggerz kit is a lightweight plastic mod that comes with a disposable tank. Also it is priced at a much more affordable level than most mod kits, including previous mod kits from Smoant.

What’s the mod like?

As with all Smoant mods that I’ve used, it has a good chipset – while the body might reflect the lower than usual price, the chipset doesn’t.It fires quickly and generally is easy to use in a no-frills style – this isn’t a fancy color touch-screen mod, personally I prefer the no-frills style.

Taggerz 200w Kit

The screen however has one issue, it’s too dark and dull – in sunlight it’s quite hard to read and generally blurred in all light conditions.The mod is a nice shape/size and feels intuitive to use, however the fire button feels cheap.

Build Quality

There is no getting away from the fact that the Taggerz mod feels flimsy, it’s a plastic mod and will scratch or break if not treated carefully.

The upside of the plastic body is that it is very light (less than 100g), if you are in the market for a dual battery mod that you can slip in a shirt pocket, this might be a great choice.

Despite the general cheap feeling of the mod, the battery door is awesome, with a great fit and good magnets.

The Pros of  Taggerz 200w mod:

  • It has a centered 510 pin which is aesthetically pleasing and helps with overhang.
  • The chipset is up to Smoant’s usual high standards, with an ultra-low fire time and all the features you would expect on a more expensive mod.
  • The form factor is great, with subtle grips and a responsive, clicky fire button.
  • At 100g, it’s very light for a dual battery mod.
  • The build quality is good – panels and battery door are well aligned.
  • It’s very good value for money.

The Cons of Taggerz 200w smoant :

  • The screen is hard to see, especially in direct sunlight.
  • The materials feel cheap, I wouldn’t feel confident in it lasting a lot of abuse.

The Pros of Taggerz tank:

  • It has excellent flavor for a disposable tank.
  • It wicks well, giving no dry hits.
  • It’s good value for money.

The Cons of Taggerz tank:

  • At 2ml, the tank’s juice capacity is quite low.
  • You can’t use your own drip-tip.
  • The juice filling port is too small for some bottle styles.


The mod performs very well for such a cheap product, while I’m sure Smoant saved some money on materials, you still get a great chipset.

While some people prefer a heavy and solid feeling mod, the upside of a plastic mod is that it is really light – for example the Taggerz 200w  smoant with 2 x 18650s inside feels about as heavy as the Naboo mini mod without no batteries inside or the Aegis Solo with 1 x 18650 inside.

While the disposable tanks don’t offer the same performance as a decent sub-ohm tank or rebuildable atomizer, they still perform well enough for a new vaper or for someone who wants a backup atomizer, these make a great option.

The largest factor in recommending this kit comes down to price, for the low price the Taggerz kit offers great value for money.

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