Smoant S8 Pod Starter kit 370mah Review

Perfect for users looking for a sleek and elegant vape pods


The Smoant S8 Pod Starter kit is the first pod device from Smoant. Featuring a 1.3ohm refillable cartridge with a 2ml capacity and 370mAh built-in battery. The design of the S8 is based upon the designs of luxury cars, the slim lines and curves give the S8 a very elegant style. With its convenient size and superior performance, the S8 Pod Starter Kit is the perfect for users looking for a sleek, elegant, and an all-day carry.

Smoant S8 Pod Manual :

Specs :

  • Height 86.6mm x 48mm Width 12.8mm
  • Pod Capacity 2ml
  • Battery Capacity 370mAh
  • Coil Resistance 1.3 ohms
  • Output 3.3V-3.4V
  • Charging 5V/0.5A


  • All-in-one system
  • USB charging
  • LED battery indicator
  • Colours Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink color available
  • CPU protection, charging protection, low battery protection, overuse protection.
  • The chip inside is sealed in a waterproof compartment.

smoant s8

Smoant s8 starter kit Perform:

The smoant s8 vape has a very compact and stylish design, there is no button as this is a draw activated device. The pod is a little heavier than other pods due to its zinc-alloy chassis but is still very comfortable to hold and use. I find the refillable pods very comfortable on my lips, the size and shape have been carefully designed to feel natural in your mouth. The pods have a 2ml capacity and use a 1.3ohm micro coil and cotton wicking.

The flavour from the s8 pod vape is comparable to similar pods, but for me, the s8 pod system has much better flavour than many of the other pods I’ve tried like the Renova Zero, Rincoe Ceto, and the Wismec Motiv 2. Upon first filling the pod, and waiting the required 8-10 minutes, I have had excellent flavour and clouds from the first puff.

The S8 pod kit has a 370mAh battery which is comparable to the Rincoe Ceto, I have pods with larger battery capacities but I seem to get more life from the s8 pod system by smoant. An average charge will last around two to three days for me. If you are using the smoant s8  kit exclusively you should have no problem getting through a full day before needing to charge.

Charging takes less than an hour, the LED indicator lights up solid blue when it is fully charged, and flashes red when below 30%. The s8 pod smoant features low battery protection and overuse protection, and it also indicates to you if your pod is not making full contact the LED lights with flash red and blue.

I don’t get any pops, crackles or gurgling with this pod. I may occasionally get a little condensation build up but far less than other pod systems I’ve tried in the past. I have only found a small amount of juice around the battery contacts, but this would be more due to condensation than juice leaking.

The fill hole located on the bottom of the refillable pod is a nice size and fits unicorn bottle tips so filling is mess free. The 2ml capacity is more than enough for me, I’ve gone through 2 charge cycles without before needing to refill.

The smoant s8 pod all-in-one starter kit also has pass through, so you can still use it while it charges. The micro USB is located on the side of the pod, but there are no visible airflow holes. Smoant has cleverly engineered the airflow. Air magically moves through the pod and into the mouthpiece.

smoant s8 kit

Conclusion Of Smoant s8 pod :

Pros :

  • Slick and elegant design with a reasonable price around $20
  • Pass through vaping and comes in a range of colors for choice.
  • The refillable pods last well and available at from most vape retailers.
  • The battery life is really good, I’m getting on average 2 days of use before needing to charge.
  • The flavour from the S8 is really good for a pod, and although this is a stealth vape there’s some decent cloud production.
  • Good throat hit, they fit comfortably in my lips, and there are no rough edges.

Cons :

  • Finger print magnet
  • This pod is a little heavier and larger than other similarly shaped pods, but it is also a little more durable.
  • The location of the LED lights inside the battery makes it a little hard for you to see them when you are using the pod. Although, the LED’s will flash and indicate level if you simply remove the pod.
  • Difficult to see juice levels, you need to remove it to accurately check when you need to refill. 
  • charging cable too short

Bottom Line :

The Smoant s8 pod starter kit 370mah has become one of my favourite pods. I really love the streamlined minimalist design of this pod. The zinc-alloy chassis makes the smoant s8 pod system heavier than other pods systems, but it also has a much nicer finish. Smoant has used a high-quality varnish which gives the smoant s8 pod ultra portable kit a high-end look and feel. I can’t fault the quality of the construction or material used.

The refillable pods are reasonably priced and there’s is good availability, with some pod systems I have found it difficult to locate the replacement pods. Flavour has exceeded my expectations, the smoant s8 starter kit has become my favourite go to when I need a quick nicotine fix.

It is a little heavier and larger than similarly shaped pods, such as the Suorin Air, but for me, this is an advantage because it makes it hard to lose! I’d definitely recommend the smoant s8 pod to those that are new to vaping, and for vapers who are looking for a nic salt device that is both functional and flavourful.

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