Smoant Battlestar Squonker 200W Mod Review | A different way to Squonk

For someone who are market for high wattage squonker mod with nice ergonomic feel


Smoant Battlestar Squonker is what I was most interested in when looking at this mod. I don’t even think it’s correct to call it a squonker – it’s something new and different, with some great pros and some cons.

Yellow and Chunky! It feels very solid – apart from two things that I will address later in this review. The RDA looks very basic and the mod looks awesome. There are plenty of accessories and documentation. For what it’s worth my packaging was marked “SAMPLE for test only” – this might be relevant later in the review.

The 7ml bottle/tank is much thinner than I imagined and slides in and out very easily, there is no need to align any tubes – it’s all very fool-proof.

Filling the tank is just as easy as removing it, just remove the silicon cap and fill it with juice – I usually get a little juice on my fingers when doing this, but this is more to do with me being clumsy than anything else.

This leads me to the first con of the review. The tank doesn’t fit very well, it rattles around in the mod. I spoke to a Smoant representative and was told that this is less of an issue on the release models. So, I just put a few layers of clear tape on the tank in a few choice positions, increasing the height/width and this removed 90% of the rattling issue. I can’t be too hasty in judging the mod on this issue, because I haven’t tested a full release version and it might well have already been fixed or at least improved.

smoant battlerstar squonker

Specs of Smoant battlerstar squonker kit :

  • 1. Innovative push button squonk feature
  • 2. Max 200w output power
  • 3. Ergonomic design(Not much bigger than battlestar mod)
  • 4. Dual 18650 batteries
  • 5. Easy, no-over squonking pump
  • 6. Full suite of modes: VW/VV/Power Curve/TC(NI/TI/SS/TCR)
  • 7. Includes 2x Easy-refill bottle
  • 8. Bottle holds 7mL of eliquid
  • 9. Resin 810 drip tip
  • 10. Easy-to-build deck
  • 11. One extra soild pin included as well
  • 12.Two-post, 4-terminals
  • 13. Black, Yellow, Gradient blue and Gun-metal color available

Battlestar Squonker Kit Package Includes:

  • 1x Battlestar Squonker Mod
  • 1x Spare E-liquid bottle
  • 1x Battlestar Squonker RDA
  • 1x Solid pin
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Warranty card
  • 1x User manual
  • 2x Spare parts pack

This isn’t a squonker – because it operates in a very different way, battlestar squonk has a pump system and no bottle to compress. After filling the tank, you press the button – and nothing happens, then I pressed the button a few more times and noticed juice coming into my RDA – it seems you need a few pushes of the button to remove the air before the juice will come out.

Because of the way the pump works, it leads to another possible con based on what type of RDA you are using. It isn’t compressing a bottle that sucks back juice as it goes back to its original shape. You aren’t going to cover a coil in juice and then suck the excess juice back into the tank – it’s not broken, it’s just a fact about how this pump works.

But there is also a great pro about Smoant Battlestar pump squonker mod – it’s consistent and precise. I get a certain RDA and I know that 5 pushes of the button will give me 4 hits of the RDA – it almost doesn’t matter how much juice is in the tank, it’s always the same – apart from when you’re getting to the last 5% or so of juice. When I use a regular squonk mod, how much and how hard I push the bottle is very dependent on how full the bottle is. A full bottle requires light pressure with a single finger, while two fingers and double the pressure is required when the bottle is not as full. This is a pain that Smoant’s pump system has completely solved. I have only over-squonked once with this mod, it’s a very fool-proof system.

One final minor con – in order to remove the tank to refill it, you have to open the battery door – of course this means your batteries fall out, but it’s easy to just not open the battery door fully (and it will support the batteries), lay the mod flat when removing the tank or just be ready to catch the batteries – this is just me being picky, I don’t consider this to be a significant issue.

Battlestar Squonker

RDA Choice

Not the RDA that comes with it – I guess most people will ignore that RDA and immediately put their favorite BF RDA on this mod – at least that’s what I did.

Depending on what their favorite RDA is, will have a large effect on how much they enjoy this mod.

Short single-coil RDAs that you are used to soaking the coil and have the juice suck back into your squonk bottle just before it leaks will not work well – the juice will not suck back, and it can leak. This is where regular squonk mods are excellent.

RDAs that have a decent juice well are where this mod shines. One RDA I used on this mod was the GasMods GR1 Pro in dual-coil configuration. In dual-coil configuration you have two bottom airflow plugs directly under the coils, so soaking the cotton and filling the juice-well is your only choice and it does it perfectly. It’s just so much more precise than a regular squonk mod, I know exactly how many times to press the button and how many hits it will give me, this is really easy stuff to master.

And this all makes sense, it’s a dual 18650 mod – it’s perfect for dual coil RDAs, both in regard to battery life and this juice pump.

The one type of RDA that I didn’t test (because I don’t have one) but would love to test on this is the Pulse X/Capstone/502 style with the juice coming out on top of the coils rather than under – that might be the perfect system for this mod.

Battlestar Squonker mod
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That’s where I feel that Smoant missed a trick – they didn’t need to make this a kit – it could have been mod only and would have been just as good, but if they feel the need to include an RDA, include one that takes advantage of the pump system by having the juice come down on the coils, rather than just an old design.


First, the easy one – the screen is detailed and has a great layout, but in comparison with my Topside, the display is a little dark – you can still read it, but a little brighter would have been nice.

Build Quality/Ergonomics

Compared to previous dual 18650 squonk mods the battlestar squonker mod is small and ergonomic. Due to its shape as much as its size, it’s less of a pain to put in my pocket than the original Topside and has a nice ergonomic feel in my hand.

Earlier in the review I said there were two things that don’t feel solid.

The tank, or to be more accurate the way the tank fits.

AND…the pump button – it works just fine – but the stem looks thin and doesn’t fill me with confidence.  This might end up being a con or a non-issue, just looking thin doesn’t mean it’s going to break.

Without batteries, the battery door feels loose – but as soon as you get batteries in, it’s really secure and tight.

Overall, it’s a really nice solid feeling mod – as you should expect from Smoant.

Pros of Smoant Battlerstar Squonker 200w :

  • It’s a small dual 18650 Squonk Mod with great ergonomics
  • The push to squonk system works more precisely than a regular squonk **for some RDAs**
  • The chipset/screen/interface perform well
  • 2A quick charge
  • Easy-refill bottle
  • It feels nice and solid
  • Smoant have a good reputation for quality and aftersales service

Cons of Battlerstar Squonker 200W Mod:

  • The push to squonk system doesn’t suck back juice making it less suitable for some RDAs.
  • The tank rattles a little (on my version marked “TEST”)
  • Removing the tank requires the battery door to be opened
  • The push to squonk button doesn’t look that good and would have been better in black or body color
  • For an innovative mod, the choice of RDA isn’t innovative.

Conclusion Of Smoant Battlerstar Squonker Mod :

Even though I have written a reasonably long list of cons, the only one that might be enough to put someone off buying this mod is the fact that some RDAs don’t perform as well on this mod as with other more traditional squonk mods. For someone who wants a squonk mod to match their RDA that relies heavily on capillary action, this could be an excellent choice. After completing this test, I still use this mod on a daily basis.

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