Rincoe Mechman 80w Review – Good-looking regulated tube pen style

A Good-looking regulated tube pen style 18650 vape kit


Mechman 80w is Rincoe newest pen style vape kit,it is powered by a single high-amp 18650 battery and it can fire up to 80w. it come with a 0.19-inch OLED screen is placed towards the bottom and the fire button towards the top.  And it paired with a 4.5ml mechman mesh tank,with the tank it have a 0.25ohm single mesh coil and 0.2ohm dual mesh coil inside, which will bring you the great flavor .

Package Included

  • 1 x Mechman 80W single 18650 mod
  • 1 x Mechman Sub-ohm tank with 0.25ohm Single Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.20ohm Dual Mesh Coil
  • 1 x extra bubble glass, O-rings, etc

First impressions

  • This is an attractive kit – it’s a good-looking regulated tube style mod.
  • The tank matches the mod well.
  • It feels really solid and well built.

Mechman 80w Mod

mechman 80w kit
$39.57 Get it at Fasttech Now.

As with the original Mechman 228w, the chipset is simple to use, but quite basic – it is of course lacking the features and customization of a DNA chip, but it also lacks the price tag of a DNA mod – for users such as myself who prefer simple and intuitive mods this is ideal.

The actual performance is really good, quick ramp-up times and good power accuracy, nothing feels weak. All the adjustments are pretty intuitive, five clicks on/off, good scroll speed etc.

Quality of Mechman 80w Mesh Kit:

The mod feels good, there isn’t much to go wrong with a metal tube of course, everything is solid, the buttons feel good and have zero rattles. (although, I would have loved to have seen the original Mechman 220w fire button on this mod – that is the perfect fire button)

The battery cap is well threaded, screwing on smoothly and securely with clear red markings for positive.

Based on previous Rincoe mods and pod systems, I think build quality is Rincoe’s strong point – everything they make feels very solid and gives me confidence in it lasting for a long time.

Rincoe Mechman Mesh Tank

This is the same tank that came with the Mechman 228w kit, but how well it suits this kit is a little different.

Firstly, it’s an attractive tank and as far as styling is concerned it looks better on the Mechman 80w than it did on the Mechman 228w.

Top-slide filling is nice to see on a starter kit tank, with a decent size fill-port and secure fitting.

The airflow control is smooth and easily adjustable, however both coils perform well with plenty of airflow, so I’m not sure anyone would benefit from shutting down the airflow.

I wasn’t too impressed with the drip-tip, recently I’ve been really impressed with recent drip-tips coming from brands like Asmodus and Wotofo, compared to them, this drip-tip feels a little cheap and plastic.

The most important thing with the coil-heads is that they last well, for a starter kit it’s really important to be able to use the coils for a long time without them burning out or losing flavor, I was able to refill the tank many times without having to change the coil-heads.

While the performance isn’t up to the level of the very best sub-ohm tanks such as the Uwell Crown 4, it does give good flavor with a satisfying vape, I didn’t find too much difference between the single and dual coil heads, but if I had to choose then I slightly preferred the dual-coil.

One issue with the tank is how well it matches the performance of the mod, while 80w is certainly enough to use either coil-head, it’s also going to drain the single 18650 battery with excessive use, carrying an extra battery or charger is a must if you plan on using this all day long – of course if the mod had been able to use a 21700 battery, this would have been less of an issue.

Pros of Rincoe mechman 80w :


  • Very attractive tube style design.
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Simple and intuitive chipset.
  • Great performance in wattage mod.
  • Good build quality.


  • The styling matches the mod perfectly.
  • Coil-heads last well.
  • Good flavor.

Cons of Mechman 80w kit :


  • Would have been better if it was 21700 battery compatible.


  • While the flavor is good, it isn’t class leading.


This is a good kit that offers value for money – while the tank is good for a starter kit, the star of the show is the mod – it’s a decent mod that feels good and performs well.Personally, I’ve been matching it with single-coil RDAs and RTAs running from 40-50w and getting excellent battery life – the Mechman 80w with a Gear RTA or Asmodus C4 is a perfect setup.

Overall, it’s a good, solid purchase at a good price point, ($39.57 at Fasttech) that allows for beginners to upgrade to a rebuildable atomizer at a later date, if they need.

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