Rincoe Mechman 228w Mod Review

Amazing build quality with gorgeous design product


Today we will have a review the Rincoe mechman 228w mesh kit,it is a amazing build quality with gorgeous design product. The customization idea with changeable panel and sticker is amazing. the chipset of rincoe mechman mod also works very well as their first mod manto 228w, And the screen is bright and menu is clear on the display,aslo easy to use and navigate. The mesh tank provides a decent amount of flavors and vapor production, all in all,the design is very nice on the entire kit.

Package Included of Rincoe mechman mod:

  • 1 x Mechman 228W dual 18650 mod
  • 1 x Mechman Sub-ohm tank
  • 1 x 0.25ohm Single Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.20ohm Dual Mesh Coil
  • 1 x extra bubble glass & accessories

Price of Rincoe mechman 228w :

  • $59.90 US from the Rincoe Online Store
  • $43.25 US from Fasttech
  • $34.49 US for the mod only from Fasttech

First impressions

Three immediate improvements over the previous Rincoe Kit that I reviewed.

  • The tank color matches the mod.
  • Spare tank glass.
  • Spare coil.

Mechman 228w Mod Review

What’s it like to use?

Another improvement over the previous Rincoe Kit is the chipset in the Mechman.

At first glance it seems to be the same apart from the display being blue rather than white – but when you start using it, you start noticing three changes.

  • It doesn’t full power off when not in use.
  • It doesn’t turn on with a single button press.
  • The scroll speed goes up in stages rather than slow>slow>slow>lightspeed!

Is it the previous Rincoe chipset with a few updates or a new chipset that has been made to look like the previous one? I have no idea – but it works well.

I didn’t test it with high wattage atomizers (mainly because I don’t like them) but I did compare the Mechman with other mods of mine while using some low wattage atomizers with builds that respond a lot to small wattage changes and the power seems to be in line with my other mods.

It does have all the regular TC/Bypass/etc modes – none of which I tested, because I am a wattage only user.It’s a simple chipset, if you need bells and whistles look elsewhere, if you need simplicity, then this is good.

Build Quality

I worry whenever I see anything other than a bottom hinged battery door, because they tend to move/rattle/annoy me – but this one is a pretty good fit,Magnets on the battery door are strong enough to hold in it place, it’s not moving at all and a lot of companies failed to do that.

rincoe mechman

There is just a tiny button rattle sound (up and down button) if I shake hard the device, but as I said on the reviews, nobody vape like that so it wasn’t mentioned as a con, assembly and finishings quality was mentioned as a big pro.

The mod does feel heavy, chunky and solid, and it’s pretty large – it’s only slightly smaller than my Smoant Charon TC218. It depends what you’re used to, but unlike Rincoe’s previous offering the Manto X – this isn’t really a pocket friendly mod.

The fire button is perfect, there are no rattles and the materials used feel good.

The front panel sticker is replaceable with others from Rincoe and you can make your own – unfortunately, I don’t have the required torx driver to remove the frame, so I haven’t been able to use a custom sticker yet.but you could watch the video to learn how to DIY stickers for it.

I can’t really overstate how much of a nice feeling this mod has to it – great button, materials and ergonomics add up to give a mod that is a pleasure to use. I’ve been nit picky because I wasn’t able to find any cons, so I’ve found two very minors and very subjectives cons:

  • Battery orientation could have been marked in white, as it was on the original Manto (For people with visibility issues, people of old age ect.. it makes everything very easy to notice when it’s marked in white)
  • Wattage increment: the mod raise from 0.1 watt to 0.1 watt, which can be nice for MTL under 20 watts, but after that it’s not really useful in my opinion. (Maybe the chipset could be improved in order to increase to 1 watt after 20 watts, so it doesn’t impact people using MTL tanks, or an option could be made inside the menu to switch from 0.1 increment to 1 watt increment)

Again, those are minors and subjectives cons, that I mention because if it was made, I wouldn’t be able to find anything at all, but the bottom line is that the mod is one of the best I’ve tried for a while now, and I’ve mentioned inside my review that I was surprised and impressed by the fact that Rincoe was able to do better than bigger companies.

Rincoe mechman mesh tank Review :

The tank itself is quite nice being compact and well proportioned, with top-slide filling and AFC moving smoothly.

  • Slide top fill: a way to lock it could make this better, I’ve tried a lot of tanks using that system and it always end up opening to easily. I have no way to know for sure, but a way to lock the top fill could make it even better.
  • Filling hole: just a tiny bit small, not a big deal to fill it but as there is only one hole, it means air escape by the same hole used to fill with liquid, which can makes air bubbles and overflow if not careful enough. Usually tanks are made with 2 filling holes for the air to escape by another hole than the one used to fill with eliquid. (one way to improve that could have been to make it just a bit bigger)
  • Minor and subjective con: Materials are not stated on the mesh coils (some people are allergic to kanthal, ni80 ect.. not a lot of vapers but if they are, they won’t use coils heads without knowing which materials were used. My guess is Kanthal, because of the resistance value and the power it can handle, but it’s only a guess and I think people will appreciate if it was stated somewhere)

But on to the coils – the single coil produces a nice amount of vapor decent enough flavor, – the dual coil however is an improvement with better flavor – the best of the two options for me – but nothing outstanding – another starter kit with coils that perform okay in a world full of starter kits with coils that perform okay.

Both coil-heads seem to be lasting well, I put over 50ml through both of them without any huge loss in flavor.The one issue that I have about the coil compatibility with this tank – the tank with the Rincoe X kit was compatible with Freemax Mesh Pro coil-heads and that seemed like a perfect situation.and now this only fit their own tank’s.

Pros of Mechman Mod 228w kit :

  • Solid and sturdy with excellent buttons and general ergonomics.
  • Center mounted 510
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Amazing build quality
  • Improved chipset
  • Changeable appearance by replacing the front panel
  • Smooth top-fill and AFC
  • Bright screen
  • Coil-heads perform well.

Cons of Rincoe Mechman 228W Starter Kit :

  • TC performance is not good
  • It would have been nice if it had come with a torx driver and spare panel.

Conclusion of Rincoe mechman kit 228w :

The mod is pretty much awesome, no frills with decent ergonomics and reliability are all I require from a mod and this delivers.

The tank is pretty much like every other sub-ohm tank that comes with a kit, if you’re really into mesh then you’re probably going to replace it with something more expensive and if you’re not into sub-ohm tanks then just put your favorite RTA on it.

The bargain lies in finding the mod for sale on its own, do that and you’ve found a great bargain, but failing that the price for the kit isn’t too bad, so either way it’s good value.

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