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It's looks cleaner and weighs much less then other bulky ones


The Rincoe manto x mesh Kit is a compact and light weight mod, that comes with Rincoe’s mesh tank the Metis Mix. Rincoe have a whole family of Manto mods, the Manto X kit is the follow us to the Manto S, and the original Manto mod which I have also reviewed. Rincoe has been working hard in the past six months to expand their product range. Now offering several mods, pods, and starter kits Rincoe have come a long way since launching earlier this year.  

Specs of Rincoe manto x 228w :

manto x mod 228w
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  • Output power: 1- 228W
  • Input voltage: 6.0- 8.4V
  • Size: 75* 40* 37mm
  • TC modes support: Ni200/ Ti/ SS/ TCR
  • USB charging: 5V/2A
  • Max output current: 50A
  • Max output voltage: 8.0V
  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries

Details of Rincoe Metis Mix Tank :

  • Size: 25x 41.3mm
  • Tank capacity: 6.0ml
  • Resistance single mesh coil: 0.15ohm (40- 70W)
  • Dual mesh coil: 0.2ohm (60- 90W)
  • Triple mesh coil:0.15ohm (80- 110W)
  • Quadruple mesh coil: 0.15ohm (130- 180W)

Features of Rincoe Manto X Mod :

The Rincoe manto x 228w comes with the Metis Mix Sub-ohm tank, which uses Rincoe’s new innovative coils. The tank has a 6ml capacity, and surprisingly doesn’t chew through you juice quickly, as some sub-ohm tanks can do. Included in the kit is the single kanthal mesh coil 0.15ohms and best vaped 40-70w. Rincoe also has a dual mesh, triple mesh, and a quadruple mesh coil which is perfect for high wattage vaping. The flavour and cloud production of the included single mesh coils is pretty impressive.

The Metix Mix has a slightly different design that other sub-ohm tanks. The coil is taller and when attached to the fill cap, forms a short chimney which provides rich flavour and dense vapor. While the design benefits the flavour, it makes it almost impossible to swap out a coil while there is still juice in the tank.

The rincoe manto x 228w tc box mod is constructed from a durable zinc-alloy and coated in a stoving varnish which makes it a very durable mod that can withstand light drops or falls. The Manto X uses the same chip and user interface as the Manto S, and they both have a similar shape. But, the Manto X has a smaller form factor, it is both shorter and thinner than the Manto S.

A solid compact device with a nice fire button position which has a ridge above which both helps to prevent accidental operation of the button and a guide to it’s position making it easy to find.

Another difference between the two mods is the centered 510 on the manto x 228w tc box which can accommodate atomizers up to 30mm without overhang. The Manto X box mod also has a hinged battery door located on the bottom of the mod, which makes it a little more secure than the Manto S with it’s magnetized battery panel. The location of the battery bay gives the Manto X mesh a smaller form factor, it is one of the smallest dual 18650 mods currently on the market.

I find the shape very comfortable to hold, and the fire button easy to press with it being located on the front of the mod. The smaller form factor of the Manto X mod 228w makes it a great all day carry although, it does weight slightly more than the Manto S kit due to its zinc-alloy body. There are battery ventilation holes on either side of the mod which follow the same angular design as the body of the mod.

The screen is cased in a protective plastic, that somewhat dulls the OLED screen, but give it an extra level of protection. The selection buttons located below the screen are triangular shaped, and up and down is reversed compared to other mods. Left is up and right is down, this confused me a little at first as it’s not something you often see. I believe the buttons were configured that way to save space.

rincoe manto x kit

Pros Of Rincoe Manto X Kit:

  • Pocket friendly tiny dual 18650 mod
  • Up to 30mm atty’s without overhang with a centred 510.
  • The power button is flat and placed on the front of the mod, it’s easy to locate and isn’t stiff like the button on the original Manto mod.
  • No button rattle
  • The user interface is clean and easy to read.
  • No movement or rattle from hatch door with or without batteries
  • Nice accented aesthetics and finish
  • Great price ($49.99 at Vapor Dna)

Cons Of Rincoe Manto X Mesh Kit:

  • Fingerprint Magnet
  • Hard to read in a brightly lit room or full sunlight.
  • No Curves or preheat features
  • There is only one coil included 

In Conclusion of Rincoe Manto x kit:

The mesh coil that comes in the box wasn’t bad, I did get some really nice clouds and flavour at 60W, I found flavour was spot on by the end of the first tank fill. I did find the selection buttons being reversed compared to all my other mods a little confusing at first but it’s something you just get used to.

With a maximum wattage range of 1- 228W is more than enough power for the average vaper. The Manto X also has temperature control modes for SS, TI, and Ni200, it also has bypass mode so you can use it as a mechanical mod. Bypass mode works really well, you can really feel the power in this mod. I really like the size of this mod, although the Manto S is lighter the slimmer design of the Manto X makes it much more comfortable to hold and use. I think the Manto X Kit is a great starter kit, and perfect as well for advanced vapers that enjoy temperature control and bypass mode.

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Rincoe manto x mesh 228w kit Review Indonesian

Rincoe Manto X kit mungkin akan menjadi primadona dari varian Manto, bertubuh mungil, tampilan elegant dan bobotnya sangat ringan namun power outputnya hingga 228 watt. Mod cantik ini dikemas dengan menyertakan Metis Mix Tank seperti pada paket Manto S kit.

Features and Specs for Rincoe Manto x mod :

Finishing materialnya sangat apik terbuat dari bahan zinc alloy, cat tidak mudah terkelupas dan dimensinya terkecil dari mod dual battery 18650 yang ada dipasaran saat ini.

Tutup kompartemen battery dan penguncinya cukup kuat dan cukup mudah untuk buka tutup. Center pin konektor sudah dilengkapi oleh spring sehingga fleksibel untuk bermacam jenis atomizer.
Kompartemen battery dan post kepala battery cukup kokoh jadi tidak perlu khawatir seperti mod lain yang rentan soal tutup/pintu battery.

manto x mod 228w

Spesifikasi dan pengoperasian Manto X sangat mirip dengan Manto S – termasuk regulated mod dual battery serial (2×18650) dengan maksimal power sampai 228 watt. Ada 4 Mode pengoperasan mulai dari mode power/watt (VW), mode by pass, mode TC (temperature control) dan mode TCR (temperature coefficient resistance). Sama dengan Manto S belum dilengkapi fitur preheat (moga-moga kedepan nanti ada update firmware yang menjalankan fitur preheat) dan counter puff.

Rentang resistensi yang diterima oleh Manto X untuk mode Power dan By Pass adalah antara 0.08 ohm – 5.0 ohm lalu pada mode TC (temperature control) direntang 0.05 ohm – 3.5 ohm, dan rentang temperature pada mode TC adalah 200ºF-600ºF (100ºC-315ºC).

Pada buku manual tertulis rekomendasi pemakaian pada resistensi 0.3x ohm untuk mode VW (power), namun saya percaya dengan performance Manto X ini masih bisa stabil jalan dengan resistensi dibawah 0.1x ohm dengan catatan menggunakan battery yang sesuai.

Manto X juga dilengkapi dengan USB untuk charging battery dengan batas 5 volt/2.0 ampere. Namun saya pribadi sangat menyarankan untuk mencharge battery diluar.

Mod ini sudah dilengkapi oelh fitur pengamanan diantaranya proteksi bila pemasangan battery terbali, low voltage terlalu rendah, mendeteksi bila short, dan 10s cut off yang artinya bila tombol firing ditekan selama 10 detik otomatis mod akan mati (cut off)

Tips For How to Use Rincoe manto x mesh 228w :

Pengoperasian sangat simple dan dilengkapi dengan indikator notifikasi dan pengamanan.
manto x mesh 228w kit

Berikut dasar-dasar pengoperasiannya :

  • Untuk mengaktifkan cukup tekan tombol firing 5 kali berikutnya mod akan aktif dengan menampilkan animasi ‘Rincoe’ pada layar. Begitu pulan sebaliknya untuk mematikannya dengan menekan tombol firing 5 kali lalu mod akan off.
  • Saat mod telah aktif kita dapat memilih mode pengoperasian dengan memencet tombol firing 3 kali lalu tekan tombol minus atau plus untuk memilih mode seperti : VW (variable wattage – power), By Pass (power langsung dari battery), Ni (penggunaan kawan nickel untuk TC), SS (penggunaan kawat stainless steel untuk TC), TCR (penggunaan TCR untuk TC) – setelah memilih pilihan yang diinginkan lalu tekan tombol firing untuk mengaktifkan.
  • Untuk mengunci tombol (lock) kita dapat menekan bersamaan tombol plus dan minus beberapa saat akan muncul pilihan ‘Lock’ pada layar, artinya tombol plus dan minus tidak bisa diaktifkan. Untuk mengembalikan kesemula tekan kembali bersamaan tombol plus dan minus dan akan muncul ‘Unlock’
  • Bila mana kita mengganti atomizer dan ternyata nilai resistensinya berbeda akan muncul ‘New Coil+’ dan ‘Same Coil-‘ artinya bila kita memutuskan untuk mod membaca ulang dan menerapkan nilai resisten yang aktif tekan tombol plus, namun bilang tidak ingin mengganti nilai resistensi tekan tombol minus. Saran saya sebaiknya pilih ‘New Coil+’ dengan menekan tombol plus agar chip membaca bilai resisten atomizer yang aktual.

Beberapa notifikasi pada layar yang mungkin muncul antara lain

  • “Check Atomizer” artinya mod tidak mendeteksi atomizer terkoneksi ke mod
  •  “Shorted”artinya atomizer terdeteksi ada yang shorted (konslet)
  • “Check Battery” artinya kemampuan kapasitas battery tidak mencukupi dengan power yang diset
  • “Too Hot” mengindikasikan board chip mod terlalu panas, biasanya diatas 65ºC akan muncul peringatan ini.

manto x 228w kit

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In Conclusion of Rincoe manto x mesh kit:

Test performa yang saya lakukan terhadap Manto X ini mirip dengan Manto S yaitu engan menggunakan atomizer RDA dan RTA.

Untuk RDA sengaja saya pasang dengan low resisten sekitar 0.14 ohm dan power diset 97 watt hasilnya tidak mengecewakan, performa firing kira-kira 20 puff chain vaping masih menunjukan power yang stabil dan konstan – Secara umum tidak merasa delay fring. Begitu juga di rentang 0.55 ohm tetap menghasilkan power yang konstan dan stabil.

Hanya saja saya belum mencoba menjalankannya dimode TC (temperature control) – akan saya ulas terpisah untuk mode TC dan juga TCR.

Secara umum performa power di mode VW tidak mengecewakan, konsistensi power dan flavour cukup konstan digunakan untuk chain vaping.

Sama seperti Manto S ada sedikit perbedaan dalam pembacaan resisten, sedikit lebih tinggi 0.0x ohm banding mod lain.

Metis RDA pada alat coil reader terbaca 0.32 ohm sama persis dengan mod DNA167, namun pad

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