Rincoe ceto pod kit review | English with Indonesian version

Compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere.


The Rincoe Ceto is a ergonomic Slim Ultra Portable Pod System that does very well with Nic Salts, it is a small flat little device with carbon fiber accent on one side and its gloss black on the other side,powered by a built in 370 mAh rechargeable battery, 2ml liquid capacity with 1.3 ohm refillable pod. Size is smaller and thinner than some of its rivals, very easy to pocket and carry around.

Rincoe Ceto Manual :

The Ceto pod is a nice Slim Ultra Portable Pod System that does very well with Nic Salts. It has a 370 mah battery and multiple built-in protections like ten second cut off, low voltage protection, There are no buttons on the device and no on or off, you just inhale to vape.

  • Dimensions : 80mm x37.5mm x10mm
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • Built-in Battery Capacity: 370mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2.0ml
  • Resistance: 1.3ohm
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Battery LED Indicator Light
  • Includes (1) Refillable Empty Cartridge (Pre-installed)
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 10 Seconds Cut-Off
  • Available in Black, Gold, Rainbow, Blue, Stainless Steel

There have an LED light indicator to let the user know the battery status as well, when taking a puff and if it’s blue that means there is a 30% or more charge. When it dips below 30% the light turns reds. I would have liked maybe 1 more stage for a high, medium, and low but it’s decent enough. When it turns red time to think about charging it. When charging the device it works the same way. It’ll flash red at under 30% and flash blue over 30%. When charging is completely it’ll just stay lit blue with no flashing.The device has constant output of 3.3V so you get the same puff from a full charge that you would at a low charge which means it operates at around 8-8.5 watts.

It has really good battery life for such a small device I find myself charging it every other day. Get yours at vapor dna today.

Rincoe Ceto Pods Performance :

From what I understand, this Ceto is a constant output device so, instead of it hitting weaker and weaker as the battery losses charge, it provides a constant 3.7 volts to the coils. It’s a 1.3 ohm coil that runs at around 8-8.5 watts. It only comes with one cartridge so i wish they included a spare.

rincoe ceto pod

I’ve tried it with both nic salts & regular freebase eliquid nic salts is were this little device really shines for me it produces a good amount of vapor & great flavor the pods seem to be pretty resilient I’m currently on my 14th with the same pod & have filled it at least 5 times with no sign of flavor loss or vapor production.

The fill port on the pod is big enough for you to use unicorn bottles and even glass droppers. I like how the hole you inhale from on the pod is to one corner. That makes it natural for you to have the pod in your mouth at an angle and allows you to see the led while your hitting it and know your battery level. As well as this system works with nic salts, I’m not the biggest fan of them and I put 70/30 vg/pg at 6mg and have been enjoying that a lot. I wish I had this juice in 12mg for this application but I’m getting decent flavor and decent cloud production with regular juice. It did seem to take around a tank for the flavor to really come out with the 70/30 juice.

Each morning I’ve refilled the pod before I go to work and I usually vape a half tank or more a day and the pod is still working as well now as it did two weeks ago.</specially considering how thick of juice I’m using, I think that’s pretty good life from a pod. I’ve only seen the low battery light once and I might plug it in every other day so I’d say the battery is long lasting for the application.

Pros Of Rincoe Ceto Starter Kit :

Rincoe ceto pod
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  • Easy to fill magnets hold cartridge in place
  • nice looks with good build quality
  • good flavor and coil life for a pod system
  • autodraw works great
  • easily removable pods
  • consistent output
  • good flavour production
  • got a good weight to it and fits in the hand

Cons Of Rincoe Ceto Pod :

  • coil QC could be better
  • fingerprint magnet on the back
  • only one pod comes included (should always include a spare)

Ceto pod vs smoant s8:

The S8 pods have a 2mL capacity and a resistance of 1.3ohms same as Ceto pod. While the s8 pods is utilize a dual-chamber type system where the wick is saturated from both ends,it helps to keep the wick nice and juicy through multiple successive pulls. Smoant s8 . The CETO is lighter than the S8 and the indentation where the carbon panel is kinda gives you a finger hold. You sure don’t notice it’s weight in a shirt pocket. you could also check my smoant s8 pod review here.

Rincoe ceto pod system Conclusion:

This is first item from Rincoe, I can’t believe how many pod systems have come out since last fall.There has been such a flood of pod mod systems this year that choosing one is becoming more and more difficult.  I’ve only used like four pod systems and this and the Smoant S8 are the two favorites of mine. It’s a slightly better version of the kado stealth. It doesn’t have the after sizzle some people didn’t  like on the stealth and it fires a more consistent puff due to the low power consistent output and the mouthpiece feels on the right side.

The pods click in really well with the magnets and is easy to fill. The fill hole is just the right size and I even used a glass dropper with no mess. I haven’t seen any leaking from the pod into the device. Haven’t had any spit back or anything like that. It’s just worked well.I just hope they improve coil QC but i can say the same about every company out there. also a 2nd pod should be included in the package.

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Rincoe Ceto Review Indonesian

Satu lagi produk dari Rincoe yang cantik,Ceto pod kit.Ukurannya lebih kecil dan tipis dibanding beberapa rivalnya, bentuknya futuristik, nyaman dipegang, mudah penggunaannya dan aman masuk kantong.

Rincoe ceto pod kit:

Ceto pun sangat nyaman dimulut, tanpa perlu menekan tombol hanya langsung hisap bisa langsung dinikmati. Hanya USB dan LED sebagai indikator battery selebihnya tidak ada, so very simple.

Pod Cartridge dengan pod menyatu dengan perantara magnet, sangat presisi sehingga tidak goyang. Daya tampungnya 2 ml dan sangat mudah untuk pengisian. Saya belum ada ide atau cara terbaik untuk menghack pod cartridge ini, kalau sudah ketemu segera saya posting disini.

Rincoe ceto pod kit

Ceto mempunyai battery tanam berkapasitas 370 mAh dengan output normal sebesar 3.3 volt dan kapasitas untuk ngecharge 5 volt/0.5 ampere – rtinya Ceto bisa dicharge secara cepat melalui laptop/notebook.

Tips For How to Use Rincoe ceto pods

Cara pengoperasiannya sangat simple :

  • Pastikan sticker pengaman pada pod dan cartridge sudah dilepas
  • Tuangkan liquid kedalam pod cartridge secukupnya (max 2 ml)
  • Saat cartridge ditempelkan pada pod LED akan berkedip warna biru 1 kali dan bila cartridge dicopot akan berkedip biru 3 kali.
  • Diamkan sejenak (3 mnt) agar liquid benar-benar meresap ke kapas dan koil.
  • Langsung hisap dan nikmati !
  • Indikator LED saat pemakaian : warna biru menandakan kapasitas battery diatas 30% dan dibawah 30% akan berwarna merah. Selanjut merah berkedip menandakan battery akan segera habis.

ceto pod kit 370mah

  • Bilamana ada short/korslet pada pod, LED akan berkedip warna merah 5 kali
  • Bilamana cartridge telah terpasang pada pod dan tidak terkoneksi dengan baik maka pod tidak akan berfungsi dan LED akan berkedip merah dan biru sebanyak 5 kali
  • Saat mencharge pod : pengisian kurang dari 70% LED akan berkedip warna merah terang, lebih dari 70% akan berkedip warna biru dan full charge LED akan berwarna biru tidak berkedip.
  • Pengamanan : saat puff lebih dari 10 detik otomatis pod akan mati dengan 3 kali kedipan warna merah.

In Conclusion of Rincoe ceto pod system:

Hasil pemakaian Ceto ini sejauh ini cukup memuaskan, tidak terlalu airy/ngeplong juga tidak terlalu tight, pas untuk ukuran pod MTL.

Dengan resisten coil berkisar 1.3 ohm dan power berkisar 8-8.5 watts sangat pas untuk liquid komposisi 50:50.Disarankan gunakan liquid salt nic, akan kurang enak untuk flavour bila menggunakan selain salt nic.

Tidak perlu khawatir untuk stabilitas power, sampai dengan kapasitas dibawah 30% (LED warna merah) performa power masih konstan dan tentunya flavour pun stabil.

Saat long puff tidak dirasakan ‘gelombang’ power yang naik turun seperti pod lainnya. Sangat stabil saat long puff sehingga aroma liquidpun maksimal bisa dinikmati.

Dengan harga yang cukup murah, pod Ceto ini sangat layak dimiliki.

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