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Every superhero has its weaknesses. But will the Renova ZERO be the exception?


Is it a memory pen drive? Is it a highlight marker? No! It is the Renova Zero pod system!

We are starting to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, as more and more vape pod kits arrive to our headquarters to put them to the test and write reviews about our findings. We have to admit that we were really looking forward to put our claws on this specific one as, being Renova a sister company of Vaporesso, our expectations were skyrocketing. However, we have put our X-ray goggles on and we have subjected it to our most exhaustive and relentless scrutiny for weeks, so we can now unveil all its secrets for you.

Every superhero has its weaknesses. But will the Renova ZERO be the exception? Keep reading…

renova zero review

The tiny Zero pod rocks a minimalist design with ZERO pretensions, but really get up in the game for its features and performance. These are the most relevant characteristics of the device:

  • Materials: Zinc Alloy and plastic
  • Measures: 31 x 13.5 x 80.2mm (with pod)
  • Interchangeable pods
  • Multifunction button with LED indicator
  • Vaporesso’s Omniboard Mini!
  • Auto-temperature control and multiple protections
  • Output power: 9W – 10.5W – 12.5W
  • Charge: Micro-USB 5V / 1A (Quick Charge)
  • Battery: 650mAh – Integrated / Not interchangeable

With a size of 31 x 13.5 x 80.2mm, and only 44g of weight (without pod), this device is perfect to take it everywhere and anywhere, since it literally fits in any pocket or corner of our daily attire. In addition, because it’s built with a single piece of what appears to be zinc alloy, it’s very hard and resistant but also lightweight.

In this metallic body we’ll see the name of the company and the model, printed on each side of the device, a micro-USB port for charging at the bottom, some plastic trims on the sides, and a solitary button just below the graphic that says “ZERO”.

This button, although small as it is, is multifunctional and allows us to both turn the device off and on, as well as adjust the vaping power. But not only that! It also works as an light indicator, thanks to the LED inside, which will tell us with colourful flashes the condition of the battery charge, what power output is selected, and a complete array of warnings if something is wrong with the device or de pod. Never a button so small did so much.

The battery of zero pod vape kit, with no less than 650mAh, allows a power range from 9W to 12.5W (adjustable to 9W,10.5W and 12.5W respectively), and it will go strong throughout the day without any problem, even for the most inveterate vapers, and will last for several days with a more moderate use. Battery-wise, the Zero is, hands down, the best in its category.

Vaporesso Renova Zero pod

Also, we can charge Renova zero pod at 1 Ampere, but don’t be fooled by this: Being a relatively small battery (compared to a 18650, for example), 1A means quick charge, and it will take no time to get it fully charged: about 45 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

Despite of its titanic battery capacity, we are going to need to charge zero pod kit at some point, right? But how do we know when? Well, here’s how: When the cell is fully charged, the LED indicator will show a green light every time we take a draw. This Led indicator will change to blue when it is between 70% and 30% charge, and it will move to an alarming bright red light when it falls below 30%. At this point, you better get your micro-USB cable and charge the hell out of that thing, because zero pod system kit probably won’t last much longer.

Let’s talk now about the pod, shall we?

  • Plastic material
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Integrated design
  • Magnetic connection
  • PTF filling system (Press-To-Fill)
  • Ceramic coil

Made out almost entirely of semi-transparent gray plastic, which seems to be the norm in these kind of pods for what we have seen, it allows us to see the liquid inside the deposit. The only exceptions to the plastic are a metallic plate on the base of the pod, which also comes engraved with the word “ZERO”, the connectors to the battery, the filling port, very similar to the most rechargeable gas lighter and, of course, the ceramic coil inside.

Obviously, the ceramic materials work really good in coils for the vape pods that have limited energy capabilities, since they tend to have higher resistance values (1 Ohm in this case) and need less voltage to heat them. This also means, of course, a less stressful and much longer life for the battery.

Another advantage of using ceramic coils is that they are less prone to leakage than other materials. However, we have noticed some dripping and spitting with normal use and with any power output configuration. It’s not much, but we think that there’s still a long way to go and much to improve in this regard.

Again, we must declare ourselves huge fans of the pods with magnetic connection, specially the kind that can also be insert in both directions, as it is the case of the ZERO pods. They fit very well and slides really easily into the connection port, both in and out. Definitely much better than any other kit we have tried so far. It leaves, though, a tiny gap that makes it rattle a little if we push it from one side to the other, but in real use this does not affect the operation of the device and it’s only noticeable if we really pay close attention.

zero podThe PTF filling system is probably one of Renova’s boldest moves for this kit. It makes a comfortable, fast and mess-free way to fill our pods with our favorite liquid. Have you ever charged a lighter with gas? Well, this is literally the same method. Sounds great on the paper,right?

Now, although it does fulfill its primary function as one would imagine, unfortunately it also has several disadvantages:

To begin with, the refill pin (again, very similar to the ones in rechargeable lighters) is quite small and it is also quite hard too. These two conditions can make it slightly difficult and painful to refill the Renova zero pod from certain types of bottles. Fortunately, the kit comes with a little bottle specially designed for this matter. But even so, this means having to transfer the liquid from the original bottle to the other one, plus it only comes with a single bottle, which is very limiting.

We could, at least, assume that this filing system would make the pods leak proof. Well, think again. Yes, it works quite well keeping the juice in, but there’s also a small chance that the valve gets stuck in, or lose its tightness overtime with use, making us lose some liquid in the process. We have already found a small puddle of e-liquid at the bottom of the battery connection gap, and it is incredibly annoying. It really pissed us off (pun intended).

Also, although this may not seem very important for some people, this system will not allow us to drain the deposit if, for example, we get tired of an specific flavour or we do not like the one we just bought, and we want to fill the pod with another one. So, we can only continue vaping that manky juice until it’s done, or directly get a fresh pod, cast away the tainted one and send it to exile in a dark corner, hoping that we aren’t going to need to put it anywhere close to our mouth ever again.

Last but not least, the taste: As expected, ceramic coils don’t disappoint. In our opinion, this material is unbeatable in that sense, and Vaporesso company seems to know very well how to manufacture damn good ceramic coils. The vapour production is not crazy but, as we have said before, this is a good thing when using a pod system. Taste and throat hit should be the main thing here.

For the record: We are not encouraging anyone to vape where you’re not supposed to do it, but if the rebel in you pushes you to do it anyways, you’ll probably be better off staying low profile.

Our positive points are going firstly to the size and ultra-portable design. Yes, there are smaller vape pod systems in the market. but the zero pod system , with its rounded shape and smooth finish, is
very comfortable to transport under any circumstance. You can also buy some sort of little pouch to carry the device hanging around your neck, but we think it is tacky AF.

renova zero

The biggest positive point goes for that monster of 650mAh battery, which will allow us keep vaping on and on. The Quick Charge is the cherry on top.

Ceramic coils produce a flavor that is still unmatched by other materials. Cotton, quartz or ultrasounds are fine, but in Flavour City, Vaporesso is the Lord Mayor, and ceramics is the LAW.

The fact that we don’t need to press any fire button to take the draw, but there is actually one to switch between different output power settings, is also one of the best features of this device. Because not all e-liquids and palates are the same!

We could identify a few areas of improvement too, and the most remarkable in our opinion is the filling system. We think it is a brilliant concept, but once taken to the real world, it do not shine as bright as other features, hitting only the marks for “good intentions but poor performance”.

There is still work to do in the leak proof area, since the e-liquid sometimes comes out both ends: from the base and from the tip as spitback. Believe us: A spit of nicotine salts isn’t pleasant at all. Yikes!

In our opinion, the Renova ZERO is the super kit that stands out for its own merits, the everyday hero that won’t let us down, the friend that we can count on, the companion that everyone should keep close in any circumstance… and all with no gimmicks. What you see is what it is: a versatile, portable, durable and reliable pod system.

We can find this Renova Zero replacement pods by Vaporesso, which comes with the mod (battery), one refillable pod, a 10ml e-juice refilling bottle (empty), a USB to Micro-USB charging cable and all the regular documents for under 20 bucks in some online stores, and around 7 dollars for a pack of spare pods which, by the way, come in pairs. We will find it in 9 different colors, that can also be customized with the most varied selection of stickers (not included).

Cigarettes and smoking are living on borrowed time with pod systems like the Renova ZERO system at the reach of our hands. Our Hero!

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