Hellvape Rebirth RDA Vs Wotofo Recurve rda

The comparison between Recurve rda with Rebirth Rda



Why the comparison? Because it’s interesting to do a “head to head” with two dual-coil RDAs that are both designed by Mike Vapes.

What do you get in the boxes?

The Rebirth box feels a little empty – no coils, no cotton – it does come with a *coily* tool – but only for one coil length however it does have a nice metal 510 adapter.

The Recurve box however feels like Christmas morning – coils, cotton and a *coily* – but with 1mm increments from 4-10mm, however no 510 adapter.

First impressions

Both are nicely built, but the Rebirth deck just looks very well designed – it obviously had a lot of time and attention spent on it, but straight away you can see that single coil builds are going to struggle for airflow, despite the posts looking perfect for single coil. The Recurve Dual deck is pretty much the same as the original Recurve but this time they didn’t forget to include a juice well.

Rebirth RDA

The Rebirth comes with the top-cap and deck separate – I guess to show off the deck design and once you put them together it becomes pretty obvious that this is a tall RDA – about the same height as my Goon 1.5, whereas the Recurve is far more low-profile.

Both RDAs are quite subtle with design and branding (my Rebirth is black/black logo) – I do however prefer the design of the Recurve, because it isn’t as much of a towering behemoth as the Rebirth.


Building single-coil on the Rebirth is easy – not as simple as something like a Wasp, but still no major issues. Dual-coil however is a slight pain in the ass, you’re having to stick two coils in one post – it’s not exactly hard, but I’m sure two thin posts would have been a far better choice. Coils need to be pre-cut and once secured it’s very easy to position them over the airflow.

The Recurve is an easier build – really easy for dual-coil. Again, coils need to be pre-cut – according to Wotofo 7mm is ideal, I went with 8mm and it seems just fine. One issue is that the top-cap needs to be aligned perfectly to go on, I know it’s because of the locking mechanism – but lots of RDAs have a similar setup without it being as much of a pain in the ass to get the top-cap aligned, it does however get much easier with practice.


Both RDAs have nice smooth airflow, with my preference being the ever so slightly restricted airflow on the Recurve – that’s how I am with airflow, I like restriction, but I don’t like closing it down – it should be restricted on fully open for me.

The Rebirth has smoothly and easily adjustable airflow – but not only is the Recurve’s top-cap hard to put on, it has kinda dumb airflow control – sure, there are lots of airflow options, but **all of them apart from fully open** result in non-centered airflow – but I never had the desire to use it less than fully open, so this was a bit of a non-issue.

wotofo recurve rda

The Recurve is far easier to get flavor out of, it doesn’t seem to matter how I position the coils and which coils I use – I’ve used the coils that came with it, fused claptons and regular claptons – all performed well, although the top-cap did get a little warm with the more complex coils. This shouldn’t be an issue, but the provided drip-tip is very low profile so your lips will touch the cap, fortunately it comes with taller drip-tip and it also takes standard 810s.

The flavor isn’t out of this world, but it’s surprisingly good at picking out the individual flavors in certain juices. I have a few ice/fruit juices where the ice totally overpowers the fruit – the Recurve gives me both flavors, where a lot of other atomizers struggle.

The hellvape rebirth rda build is a little more picky when it comes to coil choice and positioning, but once you get it right the flavor is really good – not quite as subtle or accurate as the Recurve, but more intense. Intense doesn’t really do it justice, when it offers a very satisfying, saturated and flavorful vape.

What it doesn’t do well is perform as a single-coil RDA, while the posts look perfect for a huge single-coil, the airflow doesn’t hit the coil and it sucks.

So, performance-wise it seems to be accuracy vs intensity.


While both should be excellent at both, having airflow that *looks* leak-resistant and reasonable juice-wells, it isn’t the case.

The Rebirth doesn’t perform well as a dripper, because the coils are directly over the airflow and lead to juice going everywhere – even when squonking this was still a minor issue, leaving me with a messy mod.

This isn’t a problem with the Recurve, but the Recurve has its own little dripping issue. The top-cap is (as previously mentioned) a pain in the ass. If you drip down the tip – this isn’t an issue, but I like to take the cap off and juice up the coils. The Recurve performs very well as a squonk RDA, it’s very easy to judge the amount of juice, get to the point of *oh fuck, it’s gonna leak* only to release the squonk bottle and be safe.

Faced with the choice between leaks or a pain in the ass top-cap, I will choose the pain in the ass top-cap, so for squonking the Recurve is slightly better, and for dripping the Recurve is much better.


Neither of these RDAs are bad, neither are without flaws – personally, I prefer the Recurve Dual because it is more user friendly, works well as a dripper and feels more like the single-coil RDAs that I love, just with a little more performance due to the extra coil – and that’s where my bias comes into play, it’s the RDA that suits my personal taste and biases.

Will I use either on a regular basis? The Recurve – yes, in my little world of single-coil BF RDAs, it’s nice to have something dual-coil to drip on. The Rebirth – no, I can’t see myself using it often enough to keep it, so I will pass it on to someone who will appreciate it more than I do.

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