A 24mm user-friendly flavor banger RTA


Gear RTA is a 24mm user-friendly flavor banger RTA from OFRF,This company send this for me to make a simple review about it.

How much does it cost?
$26 from Fasttech (with discount code)
$35 from the Wotofo online store

What do you get on package?
1pc Gear 24mm RTA
1pc 510 Wide Bore Smoked Black PC Drip Tip
1pc 510 Regular Bore Black Delrin Drip Tip
1pc Glass Tube
1pc User Manual
1bag N80 Coils (28G+38G*9+28G)+36G ID 3mm 0.33ohm
1bag Japanese Cotton Strip
1bag Extra Orings & Screws

First Impressions of Gear 24mm RTA:
Even though it’s becoming more standard nowadays, it’s still nice to receive a lot of accessories with an atomizer, decent cotton and coils are always very welcome, even more so when the coils are clearly marked.

My Gear RTA came with two clear glass tanks, one straight tank and one bubble tank – I only mention this because some people received a smoked (non-glass?) bubble tank with theirs.
The Gear RTA is very short for an RTA – it’s about the same height as most of my dual-coil RDAs and (in my eyes) quite attractive – I bought it specifically to go on an Aegis Solo and as a matching pair they look pretty awesome.

How is to build on Gear RTA 24mm?
I’d much rather have a clamp or screw in a post to secure my coils, but given the huge size of the screws on the Gear’s deck, I didn’t have any problems securing the coil, anyway it’s much nicer than having a post-less deck that makes me pre-cut coils.

It’s the easiest RTA I’ve wicked, I found that with 3mm coils – the wicks just need a slight comb, while with larger coils I had to thin them a little to make them wick perfectly, as long as they aren’t packed in too tightly and some cotton pokes into the port, all should be good.
I haven’t had any issues with leaking, while on the move or refilling – no tricks are required to reduce pressure, it just works well whatever you do.

One problem I encountered was removing the build deck – it’s not as hard as some, but everything else on the tank seems to come off before the build deck wants to move, this isn’t a major issue, but it’s still a pain when it happens.

Coils of OFRF Gear RTA :
I tried a variety of 3.5- 4.0mm claptons and fused claptons – with good results at around 65w but it used my juice/battery far too quickly which left me wondering if it needed to live on a dual battery mod or if I needed to change something.

So, I started using smaller 3.0mm coils which allowed me to drop the power to 45 – 50w and was far more suitable for a single 18650 mod – I also found that the smaller coil was perfect for wicking, it becomes a pretty much fool-proof RTA.

How does it vape?
  • Large coils. (3.5 – 4.0mm)
    Intense flavor combined with good cloud production (for a single coil RTA) – this performance does however come with a slightly harder wicking process, quicker drained batteries and more juice consumption – juice consumption shouldn’t be such an issue, but both of the provided bubble tank have a pretty tiny capacity.
  • Smaller coils. (3.0mm)
    Good flavor but less intense flavor and less cloud production. Being able to vape at 45w all day on a single battery mod is exactly what I’m looking for – this is really a personal preference that many won’t share, but I find that when you lose a little flavor intensity, you gain flavor detail – my menthol fruit actually tastes of fruit, rather than just being overpowered by the more intense menthol.With all coil sizes, I was most impressed with the Gear’s ability to bring out flavor in juices that struggle in other atomizers – there are other atomizers which can give better flavor, for example: the Zesthia and Galaxies RDTA – with the right build and the right juice – however the Gear just performs well with whatever juice I put in it. There are juices that I bought one bottle of, got crappy flavor and put them in the “*give this juice to someone else*” section, that once I tried in the Gear I went out and bought another bottle of it.

Pros of OFRF Gear RTA

  • Easy to coil and wick.
  • Brings out great flavor from most juices.
  • Pretty versatile in terms of coil choice and power.
  • Simple to build on – this is a very beginner friendly RDA.
  • Compact and sexy.
  • Does leak or have pressure related refill issues.
  • Comes with good accessories.

Cons of OFRF Gear 24mm RTA

  • Hard to remove base to get at the deck.
  • Both tanks are low capacity.
  • Some builds aren’t really suitable for single 18650 mods.


Do I recommend this RTA? Of course! If you want a single-coil RTA to use between 45 – 65w and don’t mind the low juice capacity, this should be an automatic choice.

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