7 things you need to know before coil building with Kanthal wire

everything you need to start for coil building with kanthal wire


If you are looking to get into building your own coils for vaping, you need to be aware of the different vape wire types,there are have Kanthal a1, stainless steel, nichrome,nickel and tianium wire. and kanthal a1 wire is widely used in vaping.as it has a high melting point and can handle temperatures of 1400 Degrees, perfect for making e-liquid turn into vapor.

It is important to know everything about kanthal a1 coils when building for your rebuildable dripping atomizer to ensure you get the great clouds or flavor at the very first time. I have created this blog post to clarify all the confusion between different Kanthal vape wire if you are considering building your own coils. I would recommend building any day, over purchasing prebuilt coils because it’s more cost effective and you can be more creative.

1.What Is Kanthal A1 Wire Made Up Of?

Kanthal is an alloy form from the family of iron-chromium-aluminum alloys that are used in a varied range of applications that have high resistance and high-temperature. The alloys of Kanthal FeCrAl comprises of Aluminium (4-7.5%), Iron, and Chromium (20-30%).

2.What is Kanthal Vape wire?

The Kanthal A1 is made up of ferrite iron, aluminum, and chromium alloy combined and is majorly used to build the coils for RDA or RBA. as it can be heated at high temperatures of up to 1400 degree Celsius.(2550°F).It can also handle the stress without creating any oxidation, creating a safe vape for you, without releasing any nasty toxins.it is the most used wire and most common on all the coils in the vape market and it can be used on a regular device on regular power or volts mode.

3.What Are The Types Of Kanthal vapor wire?

Now that you are aware of what Kanthal wire is, you need to develop an understanding of the different types. Before start your owner coil building you need understand how kanthal wire works and how you vape.Most vaper that build their own coils build from the 24 to 34 (AWG) range. The size of the actual wire and the diameter over how many wraps you create rules out a certain level of final ohms placed on the vape mod.

To find out the diameters of Kanthal wire, you must be aware of the size, as thinner wire creates a higher resistance per foot. Having larger wire is the total opposite, it creates a lower resistance per foot. You will find that this will make it longer for the wire to heat up, increasing ramp-up time.

I always suggest that you ensure that the ohms resistance and the voltage found in your 18650 batteries is a current lower than the amps you require. I suggest that you vape between 0.9 ohms to 1.9 ohms as it is considered a safe level. You will get good performance and great flavour from your RDA without risking anything blowing up.

kanthal wire Ohms can be confusing, but at the same time, they are very important for your own good. If you are using a regulated vape mod, it will have internal protection to stop anything going wrong. But If you are using a mechanical mod, you need to be more serious when calculating the ohms provided by your Kanthal coils. The fewer ohms, the larger the amount of current flowing through your battery, so you need to have a battery that is capable of delivering the amps the coils are going to consume.

I am going to provide you with two examples, with different sizes wires to give you a brief understanding of what will impact the kanthal a1 resistance. 24 Gauge wire with a very short wire build, having 2 to 3 wraps would create a very low final resistance, resulting in very low ohms. Typically, it would range in the 0.6 to 0.9 ohms range, making it sub ohm level. Great for huge clouds and having a warm vape.

However, if you made a coil out of 34 Gauge wire, with a long wire build, having 7 to 8 wraps gives you a high resistance. This would usually result in very high ohms, typically around 2.5 ohms to 2.9 ohms. These are just estimates I have provided you with when you build the coils yourself, you can customise them to what you want your final ohm resistance to be.

4. Advantages Of Using kanthal a1 vape

Kanthal wire itself has many benefits, hence why it is so popular today. The main factor is

  • Easy to work with using your hands, while at the same time it can hold its shape when formed into coils.
  • Easy to twist and braid without breaking and has the slowest ramp-up time
  • It has the most stable resistance value among all heating wires, and the resistance hardly changes during heating which means it’s hard to happens short circuit even at high temperature oxid
  • Most of coil builder will use the it as daily use since it is one of high cost-effective vape wire types
  • It comes with variable wattage.which make it will be a good choice for guys who like vaping with mechanical mod.
  • It is very popular in the vaping community and I always use it when building single wire coils.
  • It’s inexpensive and works wonders if you build correctly.
  • There are many video tutorials that you can find on the web, that will teach you how to build your own coils our of Kanthal wire.

5.Disadvantages Of Using kanthal a1 coil build

The only many disadvantages of this wire type would be that

  • it is not compatible with temperature control mode.

Personally, I hardly use temperature control mode myself, as power wattage mode is perfect if you always keep your coils wet. For those that are not aware of what temperature control is, it prevents burning the wick in your coil and stops you experiencing any dry hits.

The science behind TCR is clever. The vape mod knows the cold resistance of a coil and the wicking material that you are using. It is also aware when the coil hits a certain temperature. If the coil is too hot, the vape mod will reduce the current that is sent, this stops the cotton burning out. If you want to build your own coils that are compatible with temperature control, you might want to consider other wire types such as stainless steel, nickel or titanium.

6.What Gauge Of Kanthal Wire a1 Should You Use?

Personally, based on my experience building over the years, I would recommend that you start off with 26 gauge Kanthal a1 wire. Reason being it is easy to work on almost every atty/screw/post setup and you can achieve the right ohm even in tight spaces.Heats up quick and gets down low enough for me, it’s flexible and due to being cheap, you can practise making different coils without breaking the bank.

Once you become an experienced builder, I would recommend that you use thicker wire, as you have more potential to build coils that have more surface area. This results in bigger clouds and enhanced flavour if build correctly on the right deck. However, bear in mind thicker wire is not so easy to get hold of and is very difficult to work with.

I would recommend if you have not already done so, is to purchase a coil building toolkit to make your life easier. It will have all the bits you need to make your coil building process much simpler. Bending the coils with your bare hands can be tricky and you risk cutting yourself, as Kanthal wire can be sharp at times.

Although i recommend you start off with 26g ,However There is really no standard wire should you to use. Since everyone experiments with different sizes.and it mainly depending on what you are buiding ,and if its a dripper or tank, dual coil or single. Just always be sure your Ohms’ resistance and voltage in your battery create a current that is lower then you need per your Amps.

7.What is the best kanthal a1 wire for coil building

1. Lightning Vapes 24 AWG Gauge A1 Wire

Stainless Steel 316L WireLightning vapes has been strive to provide its customers with high quality wire products since 2014. All vape wire products are packaged in their facility in USA,it is one of of professional vape wire supply in the United States.i have been using it for my RDA for a few months ,had great results, Never a bad taste. I find in pretty easy to work with as well.if you are just starting to build coils and are looking for wire, this is a perfect wire to get.

A 100 ft. spool only $4.35 on Ebay, It’s a great deal at this price! Way way cheaper than you buying the wire from a vape shop.

2. TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 26 Gauge

TEMCo is a solid manufacturer right here in the U.S.A,the wire itself conducts electricity at a reliable resistance as it ought to, and there’s 100 feet for under 5 dollars, you’ll be hard pressed to find such a value deal from any other high quality brand.

Kanthal wire
$ 6.10 Get TEMCo Kanthal A1 wire 30 Gauge 100 Ft Resistance Now.

3. Master Wire Supply 24 Gauge Kanthal A1 Wire

Stainless Steel 316L
$6.79 Get it now.

Well I can’t say anything for the whole Master Wire Supply thing(it’s about as good as anything else I’ve used in the past), but this wire this most excellent when it comes to the flavor of your E-juice,the wire came clean with no debris on it and was wrapped snugly around the spool. It is easy to wrap ,with excellent high/low temperature performance.

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