Fresia RTA 22mm By Damn Vape Review

A 22mm bottom airflow restrictive lung hit flavor RTA


The Fresia is a 22mm bottom airflow restrictive lung hit flavor RTA with one very interesting feature – the tube in tube system – unlike most other atomizers that adjust between MTL and DTL by closing/opening airflow holes on the outside of the atomizer and/or changing an insert inside the deck, the tube in tube system offers two different and separate airflow systems.

This image from Damn Vape’s website demonstrates this system far better than my words.This product was given to me by Damn Vape for the purposes of this review and has been tested over the last six weeks.

In theory this should be a no compromise airflow system rather than just putting a tiny airflow hole on a DTL atomizer or vice versa. But theory and innovation are useless unless they actually work – so let’s find out if it works.

How is to build on Fresia RTA 22mm?

Vape Fresia RTAPutting a 2.5mm or 3mm IDD coil is very easy on this deck – center it, adjust the height and cut the wires – all basic stuff. Round wire and simple claptons are good for 3mm – something more complex is easier if kept to 2.5mm.

Although I did try a few dedicated MTL and DTL builds, that isn’t the point of this RTA – so my main focus was to find a build that would allow me to enjoy both MTL and DTL by merely turning the AFC rather than putting in a new build. My favorite builds were 3.0mm 28g claptons at 0.85ohms and 3.0mm 26g claptons at 0.65ohms – these are a pretty standard builds that I put in anything single coil when I’m aiming for flavor.

I found wicking to be a pain – it’s certainly not impossible to wick (even for an RTA non-expert like me) but I wouldn’t recommend this as a first RTA. I did find that switching to a premium cotton brand did make things easier.

How is to vape on Damn Vape Fresia 22mm RTA?

MTL airflow – It performed acceptably with MTL airflow giving average to good flavor, I particularly enjoyed it on its most open MTL setting.

DTL airflow – It performed very well with DTL airflow half open (especially with the 26g build) – giving good to great flavor between 20-30w.

  • Is it the best MTL atomizer? Nope, it’s good enough to use, but nothing special.
  • It is the best restricted DTL atomizer? Nope, but it’s pretty good for restricted DTL.

Mech Safety

I only use regulated mods, I will leave this issue up to people more qualified than me to judge.

Pros of Damn Vape Fresia RTA :
  • Easy build deck.
  • Great flavor as a restricted DTL RTA.
  • Good flavor as a loose MTL RTA.
  • Capable of switching between MTL and DTL with the same build.
Cons of Fresia RTA 22mm :
  • Isn’t truly awesome at MTL or DTL.
  • Wicking can be a pain.


This is the hard part, I’d much rather have an awesome MTL atomizer and an awesome restricted DTL atomizer, but I’m unlikely to leave the house with both. If you want to switch between MTL and DTL while on the go, then this does the job very well.

One final point – I can’t help but compare this to one of my favorite atomizers, the Galaxies RDTA – the Galaxies gives a better MTL experience, both with flavor and throat hit – the Fresia gives far more options with DTL than the Galaxies.

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