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Coil Building Guides For Vapers Learn How To Make Coil Build For Flavor


Not all of us are looking for the giant clouds of vapor filling the room every time we puff on our e-cigarette,  and crazy on cloud chasing coil builds.

Some of us are a lot more crazy about hitting that perfect flavor every time. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with cloud-chasing. It can even be fun to blow big clouds at a party or a club. But day-to-day vaping? Nah. I’d rather enjoy the perfect flavor from my favorite e-liquid.

One of the problems for us flavor-chasers is that cloud-chasing is far more popular. That’s why you’ll probably find hundreds of guides on how to fill the room with vapor, but very few about how you can achieve the perfect flavor experience or the guides for how to make great coil build for flavor.

So in this guide, we’ll show you how you can do just that.

clapton coil build

First of all, let’s take a look at what affects the flavor in an e-cig.
  • Your coil builds.

Perhaps the most important factor for flavor, and what this article is all about. How your coil build is set up determines how much flavor you can get out of your e-liquid.

  • Your e-liquid used on tank

A high-quality product will probably be help for you to produce a smoother and more intense flavor. Not all cheap e-liquids are bad, but it helps to purchase quality over quantity.

  • Your vape mods

Another huge factor is the wattage and temperature of your vape mods. On most mid to upper range vape models, these wattage and temple control settings can be adjusted.

  • Airflow on tank

Airflow on tank is another thing you can tweak to achieve more intense flavor.

Let’s start with some recommended coil builds for flavor

  • The Fused Clapton Coil

This vape coil type is not only popular because it’s easy to build. The flavor from a fused Clapton coil build is intense, and getting pre-wrapped coils is easy as well, with a ton of different fused Clapton on the market.

The vape coil itself reminds you of a regular Clapton, but the core consists of two wires instead of one. The lower resistance helps with flavor production, and the increased surface area vaporizes more e-liquid at once.

If you want control over your coil resistance wire vape you can simply use different gauges to achieve this. A thinner core wire like the 28GA vape wire types will increase the ohm, while thicker wire like the 24ga vape wire will lower it.But please ensure that you consider ohms law when building to stay vaping safely, even if you are not using a regulated vape mod.

fused clapton coil
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  • The Alien Coil

The Alien coil build is also one of very popular coil types. Similar to the Fused Clapton, but with some very important differences. Here, the outer vape wire gets wrapped over the cores, giving it not only
increased surface area but a unique look. It used 3 vape wires for the core, and this help decreases the ohms considerably compared to other popular builds like the Clapton or the Fused Clapton we mentioned earlier.

With the lower ohm and great surface area of the Alien Coil, this is absolutely one of the best coil builds for flavor.

A downside to the Alien coil build, however, is that it’s a complicated coil builds to make. We are highly recommend you try mastering the Fused Clapton build before trying your hands on this one.

  • The Clapton

The classic Clapton build gets its name from its looks. Similar to a guitar string, it was named after the famous guitar player Eric Clapton.

It consists of a high resistance wire wrapped around a bigger wire. This makes for a massive surface area compared to everyday coils. The amount of e-liquid that comes into contact with the coil will, therefore, increase, leading to more flavor.

clapton wire

  • The Tiger Coil

If you are looking forward to get the absolute best flavor you can without getting into more advanced coil building techniques, the Tiger Coil might be your best fit. Made from a single strand of ribbon wire at 0.8mm and Kanthal at 30GA vape wire. Even though it looks simplistic when finished, it produces intense flavor hits. The Tiger Coil builds also tends to produce more vapor, which can be a good thing if you are into clouds as well as flavor.

  • The Framed Staple Coil

This is a vape coil build that you’re likely to come across in bragging photos on social media, and not without good reason. It performs as you’d imagine, and even better than the Alien coils. It consists of both ribbon and standard wire for its coil building vape.

There are two typical variations of this building vape coils. The standard Framed Staple, and the Framed Staple Alien coil.

The main difference between the two are the wrapped alien core. This is not a vape coil builds for the
beginners, and you should be especially careful if you’re on mech-mods, because the resistance of the Framed Staple will be very low.

If you’re not very familiar with ohms law and battery safety, you should read up on it and understand it before attempting to build this coil build for flavor.

Framed Staple coil is built using 6 pieces of Ribbon wire and a Clapton wire, which is wrapped once more with a very thin gauge wire like the 40GA vape wire build. This creates tiny pockets where the
e-liquid can seep into, creating an intense flavor every time.

  • Other important factors for the best flavor

Cloud chasers love to open their atomizer’s airflow fully to achieve the biggest possible clouds. For
flavor chasers, however, you should actually reduce your airflow. When air flows through your vape coil builds it reduces the density of the vapor. It makes for massive clouds, but the flavor experience suffers as a result.

Try closing your airflow of the atomizers to a minimum, and then you will get the dense, warm vapor with an intense flavor.

Try experimenting to find the right balance between the temperature and airflow. So the Adjustable airflow systems on atomizers makes it more easy to achieve best coil for flavor.

  • The wicking material matters

You really can’t rely solely on your coil buildings vape to achieve the best flavor. Your wick will impact your flavor as well. Using the organic cotton wicks will much help the flavor stand out, The japanese organic cotton is now the most widely used on vape coil building market. Making sure that you use the correct amount of cotton is crucial as well, both for flavor and to avoid dry-hits and leaking.

As well as the wicking material,kanthal a1 wire resistance and 316 stainless steel wire vape is still the most popular used coil building material and it gives a clean, natural flavour for your juice.

  • Wrapping up

Even if you’re not into cloud chasing builds, there’s a world of exciting flavors out there, and the  best vape coils for flavors to help you achieve the best possible vapor experience. While we can make recommendations that can point you in the right direction, the choice is up to you. Try experimenting with different builds and materials – but do so safely, and never underestimate the importance of your coil again. It can make or break your vaping experience.

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