Complete guide to building a perfect fused clapton coil

6 most important tips to help you build clapton coil more better


Clapton coil wire is certainly interesting If you have just got into building your own coils, It consists of a vape wire tightly wrapped around thinner sized wire. This provides more surface area e-liquid can vaporize from, resulting in stronger flavor and denser clouds.

1.What is a clapton coil?

If you want to know how clapton coil build kicked off, it all started when ‘Mrdee3’ a popular member of an online vaping forum. He had taken into consideration why guitar strings had a lot of surface area and at the time considered it good for vaping.

Clapton coil is tightly wrapped with a smaller outer wire to form a wire resembling a guitar string. it could increases the surface area of the coil and get more better vapor production and flavor in comparison to ordinary wire without increasing the resistance too much.

clapton coil

2.Clapton wire how to build?

Although, this sounds very interesting, from my personal experience building a clapton wire vape yourself requires a lot of patience, dedication, and commitment. I would say the performance you gain over a regular coil is well worth the effort required to making your very own Clapton coils.

Many coil manufacturers such as SMOK include Clapton coils for their prebuilt coils for their TFV8 and TFV12 cloud beast tanks. If you are wanting to build your own for your RDA or RTA, you can purchase two different gauge Kanthal wire and one size for the inner core and one for the outer wrapping. or even easier you can purchase ready-made clapton coils pre built.

You would think the word Clapton is associated with a different type of metal wire for the building. Nope, in fact, all that is used is good old Kanthal wire, you just use two different sizes one smaller than the other. I personally have had good experiencing building with 24 gauge Kanthal wire wrapped around 32-gauge wire.There are many great YouTube videos detailing on how to make Clapton coil wire, and the general process is quite simple.

  • cut yourself a long section of your core wire, and straighten it out as much as you can with clapton wire diy tool .
  • make sure your wire piece is centered in your drill chuck, and then insert the end of the thinner, wrapping wire in the side of the drill chuck, between the teeth as they close together. You can put a little loop in the end of the wire to help it grip into the drill chuck. Now you should have your thick vape wire sticking out of the front of your drill chuck and one sticking out from the side, at around a 45 degree angle to the wire piece.
  • Hold the wrapping wire in position, right up against the core wire and with the end pointing downwards so it’s ready to wrap around the core. If you have your wire on a spool, it helps to poke a screwdriver through the center so you can hold it but still let the spool turn as needed. All you need to do now is start firing your drill – slowly at first – as you keep the wrapping wire pressed up against the core wire.
  • With the other end of the Kanthal wire fastened down tightly into the drill, spin the drill with the one hand while winding the outer wire with the remaining hand. If you keep continuing to do this, the smaller sized wire will keep spinning over the larger size wire, you only need try to keep it steady and make sure the wraps don’t cross over or stack up on top of one another.
  • Once you’ve started wrapping and you get into the groove of it, you can speed up the drill and get through the process more quickly. Like the start, the end might not be especially neat, but you can just snip this off when you’ve done.

It takes practice and patients, I would say it’s like a form of art and nobody gets it correct the first time. From my personal experience, I would say that its best to start off slowly and then gradually increase the speed as you get in the spirit. A top tip that I would suggest to perfect your build is to hold the outer wire directly from the spool of Kanthal and wind off it, it saves wire being unused and also provides a neater coil,hope this extremely basic ‘How To build clapton coil’ piece will inspired you to begin building your own coils.

3.Clapton wire kanthal a1 benefits :

I would say the main benefit of clapton coils is the performance they offer in vaping. With the same overall length of wire, you will getting the same resistance. clapon wire leads to more surface area for equal power and it will allow more juice on the surface of your coil, also leading to less chance of dry hits and more vapor in less time

  • Better Wicking : more holes and crevices in a clapton wire coil and it allows more e-juice to be stored around the coil area.
  • More Complex Flavor : more surface area means more even heat distribution, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavor notes simultaneously.
  • Larger, Thicker Vape Clouds :The double wire wrapped with a single thinner wire holds a ton of juice with the massive amount of surface area it affords. The density of the vapor is much thicker and the flavor is usually much more intense.

A clapton wire diy if built right can even make cheap e-juice taste Premium. If you are looking for a bit more from your vape and are a vaping enthusiast, cloud chaser or flavor chaser, you will really be amazed what a Clapton coil builds can deliver. You really need to build one and try it for yourself.

4. Clapton coil wire disadvantage :

  • Vaporizes e-juice more quickly
  • Requires a lot more power (Watts) that drain your batteries faster

Another one huge disadvantage is the claptoning wire doesn’t contribute as a heating element like the core wire does. Making ramp up time longer of you use anything thicker than 30g. Essentially means the outside wire is acting like a heat sink. So you need more voltage to heat up that same wire to get a decent ramp time.

Clapton A1 Heat Resistant Wire
Buy All Resistance Wire Variety – Kanthal, Nichrome, SS 316L – 24 spools – 1500′ Total

While that can be a disadvantage on a mech, high wattage regulated mods and series box’s can handle claptons just fine. Of course there are ways to make a clapton work on a mech, they just run better on a regulated mod when you can tune voltage more appropriately.

5.What is fused clapton coil,how to build?

Fused clapton coil makes use of a similar design of clapton coil, the only difference being that there are two strands of wire to make the core parallel to each other with a thinner gauge wire wrapped around it. The process of building is almost identical to what is involved when building a regular bog-standard clapton coil, all you need to literally do is use one more wire to make up the center of the coil, resulting in a much larger inner diameter.

I would recommend that you start off making your own regular clapton coils. Once you start perfecting them, challenge yourself even further with making a fused clapton coil. It took myself about three attempts before I finally got the perfect coil I wanted, so be prepared to waste unnecessary wire.You could also watch the video for learn how to build fused clapton coils.

From experience for the overall best fused clapton wire build, I recommend that you use 26-gauge wire from the core and as for the outer wrap use the thinnest possible wire, something suitable I would say would be between 34 and 36-gauge wire.This will provide optimal ramp-up time when hitting the button and cool down time. However, you can experiment with different types of wires and sizes to perfect a coil to your specifics.

Increase and decrease the number of wraps and wire size will either increase or decrease the clapton wire resistance. Lower ohms mean more power obtaining from your battery. So please ensure that you consider ohms law when building to stay vaping safely, even if you are not using a regulated vape mod.

fused clapton coil

6. Clapton coil fused benefits:

Building fused clapton coils are far more time to consuming to make than your standard micro coil. However, the benefits are far more significant compared to other coils designs out there, including the basic clapton coil.Having more wire wrapped around the center core, as opposed to a regular one provide even more surface area. This results in better wicking and a smoother vape, as technically I find that there is more area to store e-juice capacity around the coil. You tend to get a much stronger taste if you go down the fused clapton route.

I have noticed that the ramp up time with fused clapton coils is usually longer, due to more wiring being used, it takes longer for it to heat up. So, ensure that you are using a powerful vape mod that can back up the power consumption these designs of coils require, as they are very power driven. I have also notice that running them on lower power doesn’t provide a satisfying vape, so it’s something not to consider if you have a single 18650 battery vape mod.

I personally would recommend that the fused clapton over the regular clapton coils is well worth the time and effort required. Once you start building, over time you will naturally become better at it.

To save you time, you could consider purchasing prebuild Clapton coils that are already made for you. All you need to do is literally, unscrew the screws in your rebuildable tank, slide the legs in the of the coil, cut the ends of the legs and wick with fresh cotton. However, it is more costly like this, therefore many vaping enthusiasts tend to build from just a roll of kanthal wire, the choice is yours.

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