Best Rdas 2018 Review – Buyer’s Guide

best rdas 2018 review for help you choosing your next purchase


2018 was a good year for RDAs, the industry is changing, companies understand that while beginners are probably going to be using a sub-ohm tank with non-rebuildable coil heads, the more advanced vapers are likely to have multiple atomizers each with a specific purpose, rather than one atomizer that is designed to offer all vaping experiences. Since it will be a bit hard for new vapers to find the perfect one. So i thought it would be a good idea to make a review help people find the best rdas 2018 out here.

Ease of use has become a major selling point, RDAs like the Digiflavor Drop and Hellvape Dead Rabbit made user friendly decks very popular. With the ease of producing huge clouds from sub-ohm tanks the RDA industry has moved slightly towards a flavor focus. MTL is making a comeback with companies like Vandy Vape, Vapefly and Cthulhu offering a variety of user-friendly MTL atomizers for a new generation of MTL vapers encouraged by the increased popularity of nic-salt e-juice.

These changes in the RDA industry have made articles like this far more important when choosing your next purchase, it’s not just a case of which RDA is best in 2022, it’s a case of which RDA is best for your individual vaping style.

Top RDAs criteria

There are a few basic criteria for RDAs in order to make this list:

  • Performance, it doesn’t matter how well something is made or designed, if it doesn’t vape well it doesn’t get on this list.
  • Ease of use, while trying different builds is fun, we shouldn’t need a degree in engineering to put a coil in our RDA.
  • Good quality workmanship, poor tolerances, bad machining and cheap materials are not acceptable.
  • Good value. in 2022 you don’t need a $100 high-end RDA to enjoy vaping.

While some RDAs on this list stand out, everyone single one is a worthwhile purchase and if you are looking for a specific vaping style or aesthetic, you might find one of the lower placed RDAs is more suitable for you.

Single or Dual coil RDAs

This article has been divided into two sections: Single and Dual Coils RDAs, although there are RDAs designed to take more than two coils, none have made this short-list. RDAs that are designed to work in both single and dual coil setups, have been listed in the category in which they perform best.

Single coil RDAs are generally designed with flavor in mind and usually have a 22-24mm top cap, while Dual coil RDAs generally have more of a bias towards cloud production and are usually 24mm or above. However, this year there has been a lot of crossover between the two styles, there are single coil RDAs that can produce large clouds with the correct build and there are dual coil RDAs that have excellent flavor.

Top Five Single Coil RDAs of 2022

5th –Vapefly – Galaxies MTL RDA 

A 22mm MTL focused RDA, with 6 stage airflow control on the top-cap plus airflow control on the deck.

MTL for beginners is the best way to describe this tiny RDA, with unlimited airflow adjustment and a user-friendly deck, this provides a genuine MTL experience without the problems that beginners usually associate with MTL atomizers.

While the Vandy Vape Berserker RDA and the Geek Vape Ammit MTL RDA provided similar experiences, the Galaxies RDA was easier to set up than the Berserker and gave a more satisfying MTL experience than the Ammit.

The only drawback is its lack of flexibility, while it excels at MTL, it’s not going to provide a good DTL experience and that is why it isn’t higher on this list.

Galaxies MTL RDA
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Pros Of Galaxies RDA :

  • Ease of build
  • Good value
  • Great performance
  • Squonks well

Cons Of Galaxies RDA :

  • Limited styles of vape – MTL or nothing
  • Fragile top cap

4th –Blitz – Hermetic RDA

A flavor focused 22mm RDA, with a unique clamp system.

What earns this RDA a place on this list is its combination of innovative features and good performance. The coil is held in place with a ceramic clamp which is easy to use, and the airflow comes in from one side and then under the coil through a curved grill, which contributes a lot to a great flavor. The airflow also allows juice to pass through, so any over dripping or squonking will result in the juice ending up in the juice well, rather than remaining in the airflow.

It’s an attractive design with a subtle logo and comes with a beauty ring, allowing it to look good on both small and large vape mods.

The only negative point with this RDA is that while it performs very well with simple coils such a claptons, it tends to overheat with larger and more complex coils.

Hermetic RDA
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Pros Of Hermetic RDA

  • Excellent flavor
  • Ease of build
  • Innovative clamp system
  • Practical juice return system

Cons Of Hermetic RDA

  • Prone to overheating with large or complex coils 


3rd – Wotofo – Recurve RDA

A 24mm single coil RDA designed in conjunction with the YouTube review Mike Vapes.

This was one of the most commercially successful RDAs of 2022 and almost mandatory for single coil squonking. Despite being a single coil RDA, it’s capable of fitting large complex builds and has good vapor production to go along with its excellent flavor.

The postless deck is very easy to build on and has a very smooth dual honeycomb style airflow system.It comes with a great selection of accessories such as two 810 drip tips, 510 drip tip adapter, 3 coils, coiling rod, cotton, etc.

The two negative points with this RDA are that while it shines as a squonk RDA, the shallow juice well makes it a poor dripping RDA and that although the deck is well-made some of the components such as screws, o-rings, etc are lacking in quality.

Recurve RDA
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Cons Of Recurve RDA

  • Excellent flavor combined with good vapor production
  • Great as a squonk RDA
  • Good accessories
  • Easy postless build deck
  • Smooth airflow

Cons Of Recurve RDA

  • Does not work as well as a dripper as it does as a squonk RDA
  • Quality issues with some components

2nd – Asmodus – C4 RDA

A 24mm single coil RDA,This RDA earns its second place on this list of best single-coil RDAs due to it doing everything well.

As with most Asmodus products the build quality is excellent with good o-ring tolerances, smooth airflow control and great components. The deck is one of the easiest you can find to build on, without the need to pre-cut coils, just screw in your coil and cut the excess wire, there is even a notch for your coil-rod to ensure correct coil placement, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake when building on this deck. This is a very beginner friendly RDA.

However, merely having good build quality and an easy deck isn’t enough to earn second place on this list – it has to perform at the highest level. Fortunately, it does exactly that – this RDA has simply amazing flavor that rivals that of exclusive $100+ high-end RDAs and is more than capable of producing a lot of vapor with large complex coils.

The only negative point is the appearance, the combination of visible gold deck/airflow, colored top-cap and a non-matching drip make this a strange looking RDA – this is not ideal for someone looking for a stealth setup.

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Pros Of Asmodus C4 RDA

  • High-end rivalling flavor
  • Very user-friendly build deck
  • Great build quality

Cros Of Asmodus C4 RDA

  • Not easy to color match with a mod.

1st – Cthulhu – Mjolnir RDA

A 24mm single coil RDA designed in conjunction with the reviewer Anthony Vapes.

The best single-coil RDA of 2022 is going to require great build quality, good looks, innovation, ease of use and class-leading flavor.

Although the Cthulhu Mjolnir is a 24mm RDA, that is a little misleading because while it has a 24mm cap, it also has an innovative double chamber system that puts a 20mm chamber inside a 24mm cap, the small chamber helps produce top quality flavor, that is the best in its class. The deck is another beginner friendly deck with a similar post system to the Asmodus C4, despite the small chamber the deck is capable of using up to 4.0mm coils.

The airflow system has a similar juice return system to the Blitz Hermetic, when you drip the juice passes through the airflow and into the juice well, making it ideal for dripping or squonking. The juice well itself is huge, capable of holding almost 2ml of juice which leads to a negative point, extremely long wicks are required in order to reach the bottom of the juice well.

The build quality is excellent with good machining and components, this is an RDA that should last years.The styling of the Cthulhu Mjolnir is the exact opposite of the Asmodus C4, available in black or silver with no logo, it’s a very classy and mature looking RDA.

Overall, it has no significant negative points, has class-leading flavor and excels in so many categories that it is a worthy best single-coil RDA of 2022.

Mjolnir RDA
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Pros Of Cthulhu Mjolnir Rda

  • One of the best flavors you can get from any RDA
  • Subtle and classy appearance
  • Ease of build
  • Great build quality
  • Deep juice well
  • Innovate juice return system and double chamber

Cons of Cthulhu Mjolnir Rda

  • wicking required

Top Five Dual Coil RDAs of 2022

5th- Reload Vapor USA – Reload X

A 24mm RDA, with an anti-leak under-coil airflow system.

There is no getting away from it, the Reload X has a great airflow system. In many RDAs bottom airflow provides great flavor but is prone to leaking, top airflow is far more leak resistant, but provides less intense flavor. This RDA provides the best of both worlds, the airflow enters towards the top of the cap, comes down a channel on the side and exits under each coil, between each post.

The deck is easy to build on, imagine a Drop RDA with airflow exiting the deck between each post and you have the Reload X deck.

The main negative point of this RDA is the $70 price. But it’s made in the USA, that’s why it’s expensive, isn’t it? No, it’s made in China like every single other RDA on this article. That isn’t a bad thing, China is leading the world in vaping technology. The bad thing is that Reload Vapor USA is trying to make people think this is made in the USA and charges more than double the price of other excellent RDAs.

Reload X RDA
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Pros Of Reload X RDA

  • Great flavor.
  • Leak resistant airflow.
  • Ease of build.

Cons Of Reload X RDA

  • Price a bit expensive

4th- Vandy Vape Bonza 1.5 rda

A 25.5mm DTL RDA, with a focus on large builds and unrestrictive airflow designed in conjunction with the YouTube reviewer the Vaping Bogan.

The Bonza 1 was a well-received RDA with a few minor flaws that have been addressed with the Bonza 1.5. The cap is now locking, the airflow adjustment is more progressive, the deck is silver (instead of gold) and the clamps are improved.

As with the Bonza 1, the 1.5 doesn’t try to innovate, it takes tried and tested features from other RDAs and optimizes them in order to make an RDA that accepts large builds, has great vapor production potential and good flavor and has a huge 9mm juice well, good clamp system and smooth airflow with a high degree of adjustability.

The only problem is that the vaping industry is moving forwards at a fast past and although it offers great vapor production and flavor, the Bonza 1.5 doesn’t show us anything new.

Bonza 1.5

Pros Of Bonza 1.5 RDA

  • Large build/high wattage friendly.
  • 9mm juice well.
  • Great vapor production with good flavor.

Cons Of Bonza 1.5 RDA

  • More of an update than a new RDA.

3rd – Gas Mods – GR1 Pro RDA

A 24mm dual-coil/single-coil RDA with bottom/side airflow.

This is a strange RDA to have on this article, because it has many flaws. So why is it here? That’s simple, it’s here because it offers one of the best flavor experiences of any RDA on the market.

Many dual-coil RDAs offer single-coil options, but it’s always a compromise. This is different, it has removable airflow plugs that offer either bottom airflow for dual coils or side/diagonal airflow for large single coils.

The negative points include the following:

It leaks with careless dripping/squonking, the black version of the deck has conductivity issues, the drip-tip is part of the top-cap and not replaceable.

But, if you can be careful with your dripping/squonking, build carefully, buy the silver deck version and accept their top-cap/drip-tip you are rewarded with an amazing flavor experience.

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Pros of GR1 Pro RDA

  • One of the best flavor experiences from any RDA.
  • A true single-coil/dual-coil RDA.
  • Doesn’t require complex builds or high wattages.

Cons of GR1 Pro RDA

  • Prone to leaking when squonking/dripping.
  • Black deck version has conductivity problems.

2rd – Hellvape – Rebirth RDA

A 24mm dual-coil RDA and the second RDA on this article designed by the YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes.

The design of this RDA really has focused on innovation and attention to detail, from the offset posts to the directed airflow with honeycomb intakes.

The airflow is perfectly positioned so that the coils can be moved directly on top of the airflow exit, giving amazing flavor.

However, the main problem with this RDA is that while single-coil builds are easy, they don’t match up well with the airflow, and can result in leaks and loss of flavor, but although dual-coil builds give amazing flavor, they are a little more difficult due to both coils sharing the same post.

This shouldn’t put anyone off, it’s not the hardest RDA to build on with dual coils and the excellent flavor is well worth the effort.

Rebirth RDA

Pros of Rebirth RDA

  • Great flavor.
  • Smooth airflow.
  • Good innovation and attention to detail.

Cons of Rebirth RDA

  • Single-coil builds result in less flavor and potential leaks.
  • Dual-coil builds are a little awkward.

1st – Augvape – BTFC RDA

A 25mm dual-coil RDA designed by the YouTube reviewer Vapn Fagin.

With the previous four RDAs offering vapor production, great flavor, easy decks and leak-resistant airflow designs, it’s going to take something very special to be in first place.

The BFTC (bottom/top/flavor/clouds) RDA is a special RDA because it provides good vapor production with excellent flavor, uses possibly the easiest to build on dual-coil deck design ever and has very leak-resistant bottom (and top) airflow.

It uses reverse Drop RDA style posts, with the excess coil wire comes out of the deck rather than onto the deck, making trimming the coils easier than the Drop or Dead Rabbit RDAs. Each post has two holes, one for the coil and one for airflow, this design guarantees that your coil will be in the best possible position for perfect bottom airflow and as a result has amazing flavor. The height of the posts combined with a 10mm juice well makes it really hard to over drip/squonk and flood the bottom airflow.

The one negative point is that while the fully adjustable top airflow does increase the airflow in order to increase vapor production, it can result in the flavor dropping off.

So just think of it as a big flavor chaser and it’s almost a perfect RDA.

augvape bftc rda

Pros Of Augvape BTFC RDA

  • The easiest dual-coil RDA to build on. Ever.
  • Very leak resistant.
  • Excellent flavor.
  • 10mm juice well.

Cons Of Augvape BTFC RDA

  • Doesn’t perform as well with top airflow open.


Sincerely hope after you enjoyed our best rdas 2018 reviews will help you find that one is perfect for you new vape collections. we also had make a extensive reviews best vape mod on the market in 2022. check here best vape mods 2018 review for more information about it.

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