How To Make Best Coil Build for Big Clouds

Coil Building Guide To Make Best Coil Build for Big Clouds


When it comes to vaping, the holy grail for many of us are the big clouds. With vaping, size really
does matter! In this guide, we’ll go through the different ways to achieve even bigger clouds – and
it all starts with the perfect coil build for big clouds.

Just in case you’re not all that familiar with cloud chasing already, here’s a quick walkthrough of
what it is.

Vapers who’ve been in the game for a while know that the most intense flavor and experience
often can be achieved by reaching high temperatures and big clouds of vapor. By using powerful
mods (batteries) combined with specially constructed coils, they can achieve massive amounts of
vapor in just a few short seconds.

That’s why the perfect coil build for big clouds is so important to many vapers.

fused clapton coil


Here are some cloud chasing tips you should keep in mind if you want to achieve even bigger clouds:

  • Use low resistance coils. This is perhaps the golden rule for sub-ohm vaping. With a low resistance your coils will heat up quicker, and the clouds become bigger. Using a low AWG wire will achieve this.
  • Use dual coils rather than single one. This increases the surface area of the coils, vaporizing more e-liquid at once. Big coils with multiple wires can really make a difference.
  • Maintain your coils. They can gunk up and they do wear down, so change your cotton wicks regularly, and clean out any residue from your coils.
  • High VG liquid: many big clouds are made with “high VG liquid” about 50%+,a e-liquid with a high percent of VG is very useful for producing big clouds.
  • There are also other things that can be done to produce even more vapor from a unit that already makes big clouds like drilling a small hole at the base of you 510 drip tip.

Also low ohms coil is good help for big clouds but what actual battery should we using? Not the size, 18650 is just that but you get the likes of the sony vtc’s which are 30 amp and safe for sub ohms and cloud chasing . So before you start cloud chasing  with big clouds, for the battery safety make sure you have a 30 amp battery if you are going to using low ohm coil builds.

Of course as what we had mentioned, you can get some serious big clouds with parallel builds or low resistance coils too ,but again it depends on what you have put them in  together ,and of course your high vg e liquid and wattage, 30 amp battery, even wicking still can play a big part.

Best coil types for big clouds

  • The Clapton Coils

If you thought of Eric Clapton now, you were right. These coils look like guitar strings, hence
someone got the genius idea to name them after Eric Clapton. A thinner gauge surrounds a
thicker inner wire.

This increases the surface area and can produce massive clouds as a result. The downside with
these massive coils is the ramp up-time – as it takes longer to heat up because of their size. If
you’re a patient person you can make your own, but it’s time-consuming. Luckily you can buy
ready-made Clapton coils and even Clapton wire for your coil builds.

  • The Twisted Coils

These guys are similar to the Clapton coils, but it uses to wires of the same gauge in a twisted  formation. Again, the surface area makes all the difference! If you’re not into spending hours
upon hours making Clapton coils, you’ll be surprised to get similar results with the much easier
build of the twisted coils.

  • The Staged Heating Coils

This coil build was designed to fix the issue of the long ramp up-time with Clapton coils. By using a more simple wire design but still similar to a Clapton, you can actually stage the heating to different parts of the coil. This allows you to reach higher temperatures quicker, and after a couple of seconds, you’ll be blowing massive clouds of vapor.

Vape coil building chart

If you’re a bit confused by the different gauges and wires out there at this point, I don’t blame you. If you want to learn more about this, take a look at the vape coil building chart below. It can be really helpful to understand this when building your vape coils!

Vape coil building chart

Wrapping Up

If you are using a regulated vape mod, it will have internal protection to stop anything going wrong. But If you are using a mechanical mod, you need to be more serious when calculating the ohms provided by your  coils.

The fewer ohms, the larger the amount of current flowing through your battery, so you need to have a battery that is capable of delivering the amps the coils are going to consume.have a 30 amp battery I know I’ve already mentioned it but it is very important,whereas an red efest 10 amp battery is a bit on the dangerous side if going really low ohm coils.

I am going to provide you with a examples, with different sizes wires to give you a brief understanding of what will impact the kanthal wire. 24 Gauge wire with a very short wire build, having 2 to 3 wraps would create a very low final resistance, resulting in very low ohms.Typically, it would range in the 0.6 to 0.9 ohms range, making it sub ohm level. Great for huge clouds and having a warm vape.

In the end, it all comes down to the resistance of your coils, type of coil, and surface area. Remember that coil builds come with their own risks and dangers, and you should always make sure you’re familiar with Ohms law and battery safety before attempting to make your own coils.

I hope you found this guide helpful on your way to becoming a cloud chasing master!

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