Asmodus Zesthia RTA Review | A single-coil DTL RTA

Perfect for who are look for a single-coil DTL RTA


The Zesthia RTA has been around for a while, but when it comes to single-coil, bottom airflow DTL RTAs there haven’t been too many recent and interesting new releases.

First Impressions of Zesthia RTA :

The first thing I noticed was the great paint – mine is a dark blue chrome color – hard to explain and much darker than the photos I had seen of it, but it’s a really nice color.

The second thing I noticed was the height – it could have been more aesthetically pleasing if it had been shorter and with a bubble tank. From reading online it seems as if the bubble glass from the Wotofo Bravo fits the Zesthia – but that’s purely to make it better looking – the 4.5ml capacity is more than enough for an RTA like this.


It all comes apart very easily, great build quality – everything is smooth and well aligned – removing the deck and top cap are especially nice with excellent threading.

The deck is pretty standard – I like the way you can choose to coil from left to right or right to left. The only think that I would have like to have seen is a notch to center the coil and get the correct height.

One minor annoyance is that the drip-tip is the standard Asmodus O-ring drip-tip – this means that most of your 810 tip collection are unlikely to fit, of course other Asmodus drip-tips will fit.

The Build of Asmodus Zesthia RTA :

The Zesthia is nice to build on, because most of the choices result in a great vape. It’s an easy build, despite having no notch to center your coil, you just put the coil in, tighten and then adjust the position with a coiling rod.

I found myself choosing 3.5mm coils just because a 3.5mm wick was easiest to deal with.  I used 3.5mm Vapefly firebolt cotton, lightly combed/fluffed, tucked gradually from the bottom and the excess fluff on top trimmed.

Zesthia RTA

Both 3.0mm and 4.0mm builds will wick, but 3.5mm is what I found to be the easiest. My first build wicked perfectly (which turned out to be beginner’s luck) the next few were about a 50% success rate, no leaking, but I hadn’t thinned out the wicking enough, so it was a little dry. After those few builds, I had it worked out pretty well so now it’s perfect every single time.

My current build is a 26g+36g 3.5mm clapton at 0.37ohms pushed down really low – at 35 – 40w this gives amazing flavor and most importantly wicks perfectly.

The Vape Experience of Zesthia RTA Asmodus :

The most important thing about the Zesthia is that the vape goes from very good to awesome depending on your build – in this aspect it reminds me of the Asmodus C4 Rda – nothing seems to suck when it comes to coil choice. It’s a nice hit, very smooth and has great flavor – nice and strong while still giving you the subtle details that other atomizers ignore. This is exactly what this RTA (and Asmodus in general) seem to be about – flavor, without getting close to MTL in terms of airflow.

The airflow is smooth – my personal taste is for a little more restrictive airflow – but it suits this type of RTA perfectly.

There is a little pressure when replacing the top-cap which can cause leaks, this is easily avoided by filling the tank, screwing the top-cap on about 80%, turning the RTA upside down and turning the final 20% while the RTA is still upside down, apart from during refilling there have been zero leaks.


  • An easy deck to work on
  • Great machining and general build quality
  • Very leak resistant for a bottom airflow RTA
  • Works well at low wattages
  • Excellent flavor


  • Wicks best with 3.5 – 4.0mm coils only
  • Compatible with O-ring drip tips only
  • Can leak on refilling without correct technique

Conclusion :

Despite being an older release, this RTA is still very much worth buying, the combination of easy deck, 4.5ml capacity and excellent flavor make this a great choice if you’re looking for a single-coil DTL RTA.

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