Asmodus C4 Single Coil BF RDA Review

for vaper who want a single-coil BF RDA to vape between 45-70w


Asmodus C4 24mm BF RDA is a nice looking low profile design rda. and it’s features a dual post single terminal build deck with top mount hex screws, The deck is very easy to build and airflow is quite smooth, and come with some super sexy acrylic drip tip.

How much does Asmodus C4 RDA cost :

  • $26 from various Chinese websites
  • $35 from the Asmodus online store – although at the time of writing this review there is a promotion, which mightresult in a cheaper price

What do you get from  C4 RDA Package ?

  • 1x asMODus C4 BF 24mm RDA
  • 2x Oni pre-built 0.2 ohm triple fused clapton coils
  • 1x Allen key for removing 510 pin
  • 1x Allen key used for installing coils
  • 1x Gold-plated split BF 510 pin
  • 1x Gold-plated 510 pin
  • 1x Delrin snub-nosed 810 drip tip
  • 1x Acrylic HoneyComb 810 drip tip
  • 1x Spare parts bag
  • 1x User manual

First Impressions of C4 Bf RDA :

My first impressions were all about the packaging – I can’t quite make my mind up if putting it in a plastic tube is innovative or just cheap. I’ll go for innovative because it doesn’t take up much space.

Next was the awesome and sexy drip-tip – it really is that nice. Finally, the things that actually matter – a nice gold deck with what is becoming a pretty standard single coil setup – posts that incorporate nine-hole airflow on each side and a channel that that coil sits in – and the channel is pretty huge, you can fit pretty much whatever coil you want in there. It all looks and feels very solid and well made, unlike a couple of other RDAs that I reviewed, the C4 didn’t need any tightening or aligning.

Asmodus C4 BF RDA

Is it an attractive RDA? That’s up to you to decide – in black, I like it a lot – it matches the mod that I use it on very well. However, I don’t think the other drip-tip that comes with it looks particularly nice, it’s too thin and looks like a chimney. While I’m on the subject of drip-tips, yes it does use 810 drip-tips, but only those with dual o-rings, even my single o-ring 810 drip-tips don’t fit well – while this isn’t a major issue, it also means that a 510 adapter is unlikely to fit.

How is to build on?

Again, a pretty standard single coil deck experience – ie. it’s very easy to build on – coil on a rod, use the center notch to get the position correct, tighten the grub screws and snip the excess wire, once you’ve built on one deck like this, they are all the same.


Firstly, I used the coils that came with the RDA – it was marked at 0.2ohms and ended up at 0.18ohms – but it was a little too much for me. I prefer to vape under 50w and the supplied coil requires around 65w to really shine.

So, I wrapped up a regular 24g 4mm IDD clapton which came to 0.35ohms and allowed me to drop to 50-55w and was more suited to my personal vaping style.

I’ve tried 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0mm IDD coils and found that 4.0mm gave me the best results, I’ve used 24g and 26g claptons, fused claptons and the supplied coil – I haven’t had a bad vape out of it yet, this RDA is very forgiving with coil choice which is a great thing – it gives you a lot of flexibility in setting up the RDA to suit your preferred vaping style, rather than having to put in the coil that the RDA needs to perform well.

How does it vape?

Initially, I was disappointed – because it wasn’t what I was expecting. Yes, it is slightly restricted – but it isn’t anything like the low watt flavor bangers that I’m used to, it’s something very different.

Once I got over that fact and started vaping it in the way it was designed to be vaped, I started to enjoy it a lot. It’s not a super restricted RDA, it’s not designed for 35w and it does do well with big coils.

The flavor isn’t very subtle, but it is very good. It’s everything I was expecting (and didn’t get) from the Profile RDA – good cloud production, squonk friendly, smooth airflow and excellent flavor.

Air flow adjustment is smooth and easy (although I have it fully open at all times) and the cap has a stopper which makes unscrewing the RDA very easy.


After dripping on it a couple of times, I put it on my Battlestar Squonker and it has lived there ever since. They are perfect together. Four (or five if you want to live dangerously) pushes of the button and it’s good to go. It doesn’t have an overly shallow juice well and the wide 810 drip-tip makes dripping easy – but it’s far better as a BF RDA than a dripper.

Mech Safety

I only use regulated mods, I will leave this issue up to people more qualified than me to judge.

Pros of Asmodus C4  Bf RDA

  • Super sexy drip-tip.
  • Performs well with many different coils.
  • Capable of taking big builds.
  • Cool low profile design
  • Simple to build on – this is a very beginner friendly RDA.
  • Excellent balance of flavor and vapor production.
  • Smooth airflow.

Cons of Asmodus C4 RDA :

  • Not as good as a dripper as it is as a BF RDA.
  • Needs bigger builds to reach its potential.
  • Cheap packaging.


If you want a single-coil BF RDA to vape between 45-70w, Asmodus C4 RDA doesn’t really have any drawbacks.

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